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Your new cooktop has gas burners. If you are used  
to cooking with induction or other electric surface  
units, you will notice some differences when you use  
gas burners.  
The best types of cookware to use, plus heat-up and  
cool-down times, depend upon the type of burner or  
surface unit you have.  
The following chart will help you to understand the  
differences between gas burner  
and any  
other type of cooktop you may have used in the past.  
of Cooktop  
How it Works  
Gas Burners  
Regular or sealed  
gas burners use  
Flames heat the pans directly. Pan flatness is not critical to cooking results, but  
pans should be well balanced. Gas burners heat the pan right away and change  
heat settings right away. When you turn the control off, cooking stops right away.  
or natural gas.  
Electric coils  
under a  
ceramic cooktop.  
Heat travels to the glass surface and then to the cookware, so pans must be flat on  
the bottom for good cooking results. The glass cooktop stays hot enough to  
continue cooking after it is turned off. Remove the pan from the surface unit if  
you want cooking to stop.  
Glass Ceramic)  
High frequency  
induction coils  
under a glass  
Pans must be made of ferrous metals (metal that attracts a magnet). Heat is  
produced by a magnetic circuit between the coil and the pan. Heats up right away  
and changes heat settings right away,  
a gas cooktop. After turning the control  
off, the glass cooktop is hot from the heat of the pan, but cooking stops right away.  
Electric Coil  
Flattened metal  
tubing containing  
electric resistance  
wire suspended  
over a drip pan.  
Heats by direct contact with the pan and by heating the air under the pan. For best  
cooking results, use good quality pans. Electric coils are more forgiving of  
warped pans than radiant or solid disks. Heats up quickly but does not change  
heat settings as quickly as gas or induction. Electric coils stay hot enough to  
for a short time after they are turned off.  
Solid Disk  
Solid cast iron  
disk sealed to the  
cooktop surface.  
Heats by direct contact with the pan, so pans must be flat on the bottom for good  
cooking results. Heats up and cools down more slowly than electric coils. The  
disk stays hot enough to continue cooking after it is turned off. Remove the pan  
from the solid disk if you want the cooking to stop.  
Lighting Instructions for Electric Ignition Models  
Your surface burners are lighted by electric ignition,  
eliminating the need for standing pilot lights with  
constantly-burning flames.  
Surface burners in use when an electrical power  
failure occurs will continue to operate normally.  
The electrode of the spark igniter is exposed.  
In case of a power failure, you can  
the surface  
When one burner is turned to  
all the burners  
burners on your range with a match. Hold a lighted  
match to the burner, then turn the knob to the  
position. Use extreme caution when lighting  
burners this way.  
spark. Do not attempt to disassemble or clean  
around any burner while another burner is on.  
An electric shock may result, which could cause  
you to knock over hot cookware.  
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