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Chapter 14: VRRP Configuration Guide  
A virtual router will respond to ARP requests with a virtual MAC address. This virtual  
MAC depends on the virtual router ID:  
virtual MAC address = 00005E:0001XX  
where XX is the virtual router ID  
This virtual MAC address is also used as the source MAC address of the keep-alive  
Advertisements transmitted by the Master router.  
If multiple virtual routers are created on a single interface, the virtual routers must  
have unique identifiers. If virtual routers are created on different interfaces, you can  
reuse virtual router IDs .  
For example, the following configuration is valid:  
ip-redundancy create vrrp 1 interface test-A  
ip-redundancy create vrrp 1 interface test-B  
As specified in RFC 2338, a Backup router that has transitioned to Master will not  
respond to pings, accept telnet sessions, or field SNMP requests directed at the virtual  
router's IP address.  
Not responding allows network management to notice that the original Master router  
i.e., the IP address owner) is down.  
SmartSwitch Router User Reference Manual  

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