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Mounting and Unmounting  
the Slide Feeder  
Te procedures for both mounting and unmounting the Feeder to/  
from your scanner require that you use the soꢀware-guided procedure  
described below, which ensures that the mechanical pars of the scanner  
and Feeder are correctly aligned for each step. Always use this soꢀware  
feature when you need to mount or unmount the Feeder. Otherwise, you  
may damage your Feeder and/or scanner. Also, the unmount procedure  
makes sure that the Feeder is correctly positioned for storage in its  
original box.  
Important notice! Never mount or unmount the feeder with power switched  
on. It can cause damage to both scanner and feeder!  
Mounting the Slide Feeder  
Always use the procedure below to mount the feeder:  
. If you have not already done so, set up your Flextight 949 Scanner,  
connect it to your computer and install the FlexColor soꢀware as  
described in your scanner and soꢀware user manuals. Confirm that  
the scanner is working correctly by making a test scan using one of  
the standard original holders.  
. If there is still an original holder mounted inside the scanner, then  
remove it. Close the light table, if it is open, by liꢀing its front edge.  
See your scanner manual for instructions.  
. Position the Flextight 949 Scanner so that its front edge is aligned  
with the edge of your table. Te Slide Feeder will hang over the edge  
of the table when it is mounted.  
. Make sure the scanner is turned on and launch the FlexColor  
soꢀware. If FlexColor is already running, then quit and restart the  

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