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Server Blade products). HP iLO management processors make it simpler, faster and less  
costly to manage your Integrity servers remotely. The iLO Advanced KVM Card on the  
Integrity servers combines a physical graphics/USB card with additional logic to permit the  
Lights Out Advanced features of Virtual Media and Integrated Remote Console. Licenses  
to use iLO/vKVM are provided with the Server Blade products. For other server products,  
licenses might have to be purchased separately.  
Document Organization  
This manual is organized as follows:  
Chapter 1 (page 21) defines key terms and provides information about hardware and  
software components. Review this chapter before performing any installation or upgrade.  
Chapter 2 (page 41) provides preliminary information.  
Chapter 3 (page 45) explains how to install the OpenVMS Alpha or OpenVMS Integrity  
servers operating system. It also includes instructions for installing the OpenVMS Guest  
operating system.  
Chapter 4 (page 83) describes how to prepare your system for an upgrade.  
Chapter 5 (page 95) supplements Chapter 4 (page 83) with additional tasks you must  
perform before upgrading an OpenVMS Cluster system.  
Chapter 6 (page 103) describes how to upgrade the operating system.  
Chapter 7 (page 125) describes the tasks you must perform after installing or upgrading the  
operating system.  
Appendix A (page 167) contains instructions on booting, halting, and shutting down  
OpenVMS Alpha systems. It also includes instructions on configuring boot options.  
Appendix B (page 187) provides an overview of the utilities available with HP Integrity  
servers, and explains how to configure the system console, how to configure boot options,  
and how to boot the OpenVMS operating system.  
Appendix C (page 227) explains how to set up and perform network booting for installations  
and upgrades using the InfoServer utility, a software application available on certain  
OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity server systems.  
Appendix D (page 245) explains how to set up and perform provisioning (installations and  
upgrades) of OpenVMS on one or more Integrity servers in a network using HP SIM. In  
addition, this appendix explains how to use vMedia to install or upgrade OpenVMS on  
Integrity servers in the network.  
Appendix E (page 289) explains how to boot the Fibre Channel storage device.  
Appendix F (page 301) explains how to back up and restore the system disk.  
Appendix G (page 309) discusses the OpenVMS internationalization data kit (VMSI18N) and  
how to install it.  
Appendix H (page 311) explains how to prepare your OpenVMS system and your PC to run  
the OpenVMS Management Station server and client software.  
Appendix I (page 321) explains how to remove the OpenVMS operating system from your  
Appendix J (page 323) explains alternate methods of initializing an OpenVMS Alpha or  
OpenVMS Integrity servers system disk and includes information about diagnostic partitions  
on OpenVMS Integrity servers system disks.  
The Glossary (page 325) defines key terms used in this manual.  

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