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Tha nk you for p urc ha s ing a n Artis t S e rie s  
15sA/118sA Professional Subwoofer from Fender  
Pro Audio. We know that your music is important to  
you. With the addition of this subwoofer, your music  
/4” (1.9 cm) Oriented Strand Board  
00W o r 900W P ro g ra m P o w e r will be reproduced as it was meant to be...Full, well  
rounded, and balanced throughout the frequency  
8 Hz to 110 Hz (115s A) / 42 Hz to Featuring one 15” (115sA) or 18” (118sA) woofer  
with a 2.5 voice coil and parallel high current 1/4”  
ja c ks tha t a llow you to “d a is y c ha in” othe r  
subwoofers or full range speakers to your system.  
The sA’s bandpass design naturally rolls off high  
frequencies so there is no need to use a passive or  
active crossover network in multi-speaker systems.  
The single reflex enclosure design provides for high  
sensitivity, high power handling and excellent low  
frequency response.  
10 Hz (118sA) Frequency Response  
9 dB Sensitivity @ 1W / 1m  
One 15” (38 cm) / 18” (46cm) Woofer  
with 2.5” (6 cm) Voice Coil  
High Current 1/4” Phone J acks  
Please read through this owner’s manual in order to  
more thoroughly understand the operation, and  
Large Diameter Vents for Minimum applications of your 115sA/118sA professional  
Air Turbulence  
CAUTION: Almost all speakers produce strong  
ma gne tic fie ld s whic h ma y inte rfe re with the  
normal operation of nearby electronic devices,  
in c lu d in g te le vis io n s a n d c o m p u te r vid e o  
monitors. To reduce or eliminate interference,  
increase the distance between this product and  
other nearby electronic devices.  

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