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About Home Theater  
Enjoying Home Theater  
The Home Theater means that you can enjoy surround sound with a real sense of movement in your own home—just  
like being in a movie theater or concert hall.  
Front left and right speakers (SKF-530F)  
These output the overall sound.Their role in a home theater is to provide  
a solid anchor for the sound image.They should be positioned facing the  
listener at about ear level, and equidistant from theTV.Angle them inward  
so as to create a triangle, with the listener at the apex.  
Surround back left and right speak-  
ers (SKB-530)  
These speakers further enhance the  
realism of surround sound and  
improve sound localization behind the  
listener. They are necessary to enjoy  
some listening modes (e.g. Dolby Dig-  
ital EX, and DTS-ES). Position them  
behind the listener about 60–100 cm  
Center speaker (SKC-530C)  
This speaker enhances the front  
left and right speakers, making  
sound movements distinct and  
providing a full sound image. In  
movies it’s used mainly for dialog.  
Position it close to your TV facing  
forward at about ear level, or at  
the same height as the front left  
and right speakers.  
2–3 feet) above ear level. Make sure  
that the listening position is within the  
range of the speaker.  
Put it somewhere where it won’t  
slide around or fall.  
Subwoofer (SKW-530)  
The subwoofer handles the  
bass sounds of the LFE (Low-  
Frequency Effects) channel.  
The volume and quality of the  
bass output from your sub-  
woofer will depend on its posi-  
tion, the shape of your listening  
room, and your listening posi-  
tion. In general, a good bass  
sound can be obtained by  
installing the subwoofer in a  
front corner, or at one-third the  
width of the wall, as shown.  
Surround left and right speakers (SKM-530S)  
These speakers are used for precise sound positioning and to  
add realistic ambience. Position them at the sides of the lis-  
tener, or slightly behind, about 60–100 cm (2–3 feet) above  
ear level. Ideally they should be equidistant from the listener.  
Wall-mounting the surround speakers  
If the surround speakers are to be wall-mounted, make sure  
that the walls are strong enough to support the speaker’s  
weight. The weight that mounting screws can support varies  
greatly depending on the wall material and the position of the  
reinforcing ribs embedded in the wall.  
Use long screws with a head diameter of 6.3 mm (1/4 inch) or  
less and a shank diameter of 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) or less. (We  
recommend that you consult a home installation profes-  
/3 room  

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