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. Ma rc h 2004  
Our speaker designs feature massive and inert cabinet  
construction. Vienna Acoustics cabinets are designed with the  
latest computer modelling techniques and use a combination  
of amorphous materials in order to ensure that they are both  
stiff and well damped. Additionally, our designs feature narrow  
front baffles in order to promote accurate imaging. The  
combination of precise build construction using furniture grade  
finishing techniques and complex internal damping produce  
designs capable of accurately rendering music.  
The massive Vienna Acoustics input terminals are designed to  
accept banana plugs, spade terminals or bare wire connec-  
tion. Make certain that all connections are well tightened  
since poor contact between speaker cable and input  
connector can lead to degradation of sound quality.  
It is also a good idea to make a point of regularly cleaning all  
connections in your system since oxidation will build up on a  
regular basis. We use gold plated terminals which do not  
oxidize, but contaminants or surface build-up on your spea-  
ker cables and connectors may degrade sound quality.  
While it is popular among some audiophile circles to fit  
duplicate sets of binding posts for "bi-wiring", we have cho-  
sen to follow sound engineering practises. Our crossovers are  
configured as an organic whole, intended to optimize every  
known aspect of driver integration.  
It is our belief that with the high quality of wire currently  
available, it is in most cases possible to obtain higher  
performance from a single run of superior cable to two lesser  
runs of cable. By keeping a single ground plane in our  

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