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Prepare for Installation  
Your new Velodyne subwoofer provides for a number of installation options. Read all of the  
installation information below in order to determine which installation option is best for your  
system. Remember to perform all installation procedures with system power turned off  
to prevent possible damage.  
The first step in installing your new DEQ-R sub is to determine where it will be placed in the  
room. Unpack the system carefully and use the following guidelines in order to find the best  
room placement option.  
True subwoofers operate at extremely low frequencies which are primarily omni-directional.  
Keep in mind that frequency response and output level can be drastically influenced by  
placement, depending on the acoustic properties of the listening room. To obtain optimum  
output from your subwoofer, try placing it within a foot of a corner. This location will offer the  
greatest output levels and optimum low frequency extension. If at all possible, your subwoofer  
should be placed along a wall. The worst location for a subwoofer is typically far away from any  
walls and close to the center of your room. Avoid these locations when possible. When using  
a pair of Velodyne subwoofers in stereo, it is preferable to feed each subwoofer with one  
channel and place each subwoofer near the satellite of the same channel.  
Depending on the size and type of furnishings in the room, perfect placement may not be  
possible. Finding the best location within your environment will likely require some  
experimentation. We suggest you experiment with the location during setup to find what sounds  
best to you when seated in your typical listening position.  
Regardless of where you install your Velodyne subwoofer, it must remain in an upright position  
(woofer facing forward). Using, shipping or storing the subwoofer in any other position for an  
extended period of time may result in damage to the unit not covered by warranty.  
This subwoofer has electronics built into the cabinet. Do not place the cabinet next to sources  
of heat such as furnace registers, radiators, etc. Do not place the unit near sources of  
excessive moisture such as evaporative coolers, humidifiers, etc. The power cord should be  
routed in such a way that it will not be walked on, pinched or compressed in any way that could  
result in damage to the insulation or wire.  
Your Velodyne DEQ-R subwoofer is NOT magnetically shielded. Should you find it necessary to  
use it with an older CRT monitor or TV, keep it at least two feet from the monitor. Experiment  
for correct distance by minimizing distortion of the picture and colors.  
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DEQ-R Series User’s Manual  

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