User manual Yamaha NS-M525

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5Dig2ital5HomeAThea-tePr SpMeakerDSysteSms eries  
Designed for Natural  
Sound Reproduction in  
the Tradition of Fine-  
Quality Yamaha  
-Way Bass-Reflex  
Tower Speaker  
Speakers. Featuring  
Advanced PMD Cones  
with Aluminum  
Diecast Baskets, DC  
Diaphragm Tweeters  
and Innovative  
2-Way Bass-Reflex  
Speaker System  
Cabinet Technology.  
-Way Acoustic  
Suspension Center  
Speaker System  
Innovative Two Separate Chambers  
with Vertical and Slanted Partitions  
for Strong Structure Restricts  
Vibration (NS-525F)  
Yamaha’s Exclusive Advanced PMD Cone Woofers  
NS-525F: Midrange also)  
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Diecast Baskets  
(NS-525F Woofer and Midrange)  
Three-Way Mitered  
1-1/8” Aluminum Dome Tweeters  
with DC-Diaphragm™ and New Frame  
New 3-Way Design Concept: Midrange and Woofer  
Have Same 6-1/2” Diameter (NS-525F)  
Traditional Joint  
High-Performance Crossover Networks  
Innovative Two Separate Chambers with Vertical and  
Slanted Partitions (NS-525F)  
Slanted Partition  
Vertical Frame +  
Ladder Structure  
Three-Way Mitered Construction Cabinet with  
Chamfered Baffle  
Luxurious Real Wood Finish  
technology and our leadership in creating and refining digital home theater.  
d-cinema” is the slogan of Yamaha A/V products and technology, reflecting our focus on digital  

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