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SW-12 (120V) OM  
1/15/04 4:20 PM Page 4  
Infinity SW-12  
The Infinity SW-12 continues Infinity’s long-standing commitment  
to accurate sound reproduction. Our patented Ceramic Metal  
Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD ) drivers, high-powered amplifier and  
proprietary Bass Optimization System, along with a rigid, well-  
braced enclosure, combine to deliver uncompromised bass  
performance in any stereo or multichannel home theater.  
Unpacking the Subwoofer  
If you suspect damage from transit, report it immediately to your  
dealer. Keep the shipping carton and packing materials for  
future use.  
Since the installation of a subwoofer can be somewhat more  
complicated than installing full-range speakers, it is essential  
that you read this section very carefully prior to connecting the  
subwoofer to your system. Should you have questions relating to  
your installation, it is advisable to call either your dealer or  
Infinity’s Customer Service Department for advice.  
The performance of the subwoofer is directly related to its  
placement in the listening room and how you align the subwoofer  
with its satellite speakers. Setting the volume of the subwoofer in  
relationship to the left and right speakers is also of critical  
importance because it is essential that the subwoofer integrate  
smoothly with the entire system. Setting the subwoofer’s volume  
level too high will result in an overpowering, boomy bass. Setting  
the volume level too low will negate the benefits of the  
Here are several additional facts on installation that may prove  
useful. It is generally believed by most audio authorities that low  
frequencies (below 125Hz) are nondirectional and, therefore,  
placement of a subwoofer within any listening room is not  
critical.While in theory it is true that the larger wavelengths of  
extremely low frequencies are basically nondirectional, the fact  
is that, when installing a subwoofer within the limited confines  
of a room, reflections, standing waves and absorptions generated  
within the room will strongly influence the performance of any  
subwoofer system.As a result, the specific location of the  
subwoofer becomes important, and we strongly recommend that  
you experiment with placement before choosing a final location.  
Figure 1.This example shows the subwoofer positioned behind  
the right-channel satellite speaker to re-create the actual  
location of bass instruments in an orchestra and/or add impact  
to movie soundtracks.  
Placement will depend upon your room and the amount and  
quality of bass required (for example, whether or not your room  
permits placement of the subwoofer near either satellite).  

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