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Yoke Mount Brackets for QSC Cinema Surround Loudspeakers  
Figure 1- Gasket locations.  
YM-300 fits the SR-18 and SR-110B loudspeakers  
YM-360 fits the SR-26 and SR-46 loudspeakers  
Installation Instruction:  
These brackets are designed for QSC’s SR-series cinema surround loudspeakers. We recommend you  
read and follow these instructions carefully before beginning.  
Installing loudspeakers must be performed by experienced professionals. Incorrectly  
installed loudspeakers may result in property damage, injury or death.  
WARNING! Before placing, installing, rigging, or suspending any speaker product, in-  
spect all hardware, suspension, cabinets, transducers, brackets and associated equip-  
ment for damage. Any missing, corroded, deformed or non-load rated component could  
significantly reduce the strength of the installation, placement, or array. Any such con-  
dition severely reduces the safety of the installation and should be immediately correct-  
ed. Use only hardware which is rated for the loading conditions of the installation and  
any possible short-term unexpected overloading. Never exceed the rating of the hard-  
ware or equipment. Consult a licensed, professional engineer when any doubt or ques-  
tions arise regarding a physical equipment installation.  
Figure 2- Installation into slotted  
portion of bracket.  
Included with the bracket:  
Quantity Description  
Bracket, YM-300, or YM-360  
Gasket, self-adhesive  
You will also need the following (included with the loudspeaker):  
Quantity Description  
Socket head cap screw, low-head, 5/16"-18 TPI x 1-1/2”  
Step 1. Locate mounting area where the loudspeaker will be installed. It must be a structurally  
sound area with adequate strength to support at least five times the weight of the loudspeaker.  
Figure 3- Installation into captive  
mounting holes of bracket.  
Step 2. Using the bracket as a template, mark the bracket's slots onto the mounting surface.  
Select and install the appropriate mounting hardware (not included). If you are not sure about  
the correct hardware for the mounting surface, consult a hardware specialist. Ensure the brack-  
et is secured to the mounting surface before attaching the loudspeaker.  
Step 3. Decide which mounting holes to use for attaching the loudspeaker. For wall mounted  
installations use the open slots. For ceiling mounted applications, do not use the open arm slots.  
Attach the loudspeaker to the bracket using the captive holes only for ceiling installations.  
Step 4. Remove the non-stick backing from each gasket and stick the gasket to the inner sur-  
face of each arm of the bracket with its holes and slot aligned (Figure 1).  
Step 5a. If using the open slots, install the mounting screws, washers and split lock washers  
by threading the screws in about half way. Lift the loudspeaker into place and align the screws  
with the open slots (Figure 2); set in place and hand-tighten the screws. Tilt the loudspeaker to  
the desired angle and tighten screws securely. For more permanent installation use the captive  
Step 5b. If using the captive holes, have an assistant lift the loudspeaker into place and install  
the screws through the appropriate captive holes (Figure 3) and hand-tighten. Tilt the loud-  
speaker to the desired angle and tighten the screws securely.  
TD-000207-00 rev.B  
© Copyright 2005, QSC Audio Products, Inc.  
QSC® is a registered trademark of QSC Audio Products, Inc.  
“QSC” and the QSC logo are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  

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