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Read these precautions carefully before setting up your NS-AP9500M/9600E speakers.  
Since these speakers can be wall mounted, it is essential that they are firmly secured. Be sure to consult a  
reliable source about the best type of hanger for your particular wall’s construction. Secure installation is the  
purchaser’s responsibility.  
Do not attach them to thin plywood or soft wall surface materials as the screws may tear free, causing the  
speakers to fall and be damaged, or result in personal injury.  
Do not fasten the speakers to walls with nails, adhesives, or other unsafe hardware. Long-term use and  
vibrations may cause them to pull free.  
Do not place the speakers where they are liable to be knocked over or struck by falling objects. Stable  
placement will also ensure better sound performance.  
Placing the speakers on the same stand or shelf as a turntable can result in feedback.  
This speaker features a magnetically shielded design, but there is still a chance that placing it too close to a  
TV set might impair picture color. Should this happen, move the speaker away from the TV set.  
Never touch the woofer or tweeter units with your hands or expose them to excessive physical shock. If they  
are dented or bent, the sound will be distorted.  
Lower the power amplifier / receiver volume control before changing input sources. Never change input  
sources (for example, FM to CD) at high listening levels. Always turn the receiver / amplifier unit off when  
installing or removing input cables.  
Anytime you note distortion, reduce the volume control on your power amplifier / receiver to a lower setting.  
Never allow your power amplifier to be driven into “clipping”.  
Do not attempt to clean the speakers with chemical solvents as this might damage the finish. To clean wipe  
with a dry, soft cloth.  
To prevent the enclosure from warping or discoloring, do not place the speakers where they will be exposed to  
direct sunlight or excessive humidity.  
To prevent the speakers from falling over, select a location which is flat and stable.  
To avoid accidents resulting from tripping over loose speaker cables and to prevent the speakers from falling,  
fix the speaker cables to the wall, etc.  
Secure placement or installation is the owner’s responsibility.  
YAMAHA shall not be liable for any accident caused by improper placement or installation of speakers.  

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