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Operating Manual - NE Multi Channel Power Amplifiers  
Protea software offers a comprehensive suite of tools for controlling Ashly NE multichannel amplifiers as well  
as other Ashly products. The standard NE multichannel amplifiers allow for ethernet control and monitoring of power  
functions, level, mute, and polarity. With the DSP option installed, software control and monitoring of major audio  
functions can be custom configured on a per channel basis, as well as through linked channels. More in depth discussion  
of software features can be found in the Protea software online help.  
The base amplifier comes with software provisions for an audio control surface, password protected security func-  
tions, and network property management. Furthermore, Link Group Configuration and Power On Delay are set up under  
the Device Options menu tab. In addition, provisions for implementing DSP modes, AES/EBU Inputs, and Cobranet  
inputs are made available, presuming the necessary hardware has been installed in the amplifier. Protea software will  
auto-detect the installed amplifier hardware options and display the resultant menu items as soon as it recognizes the  
amp on the network.  
Link Group Configuration - Linking allows the controls for multiple signal processing function “blocks” to track  
each other. For example - if two graphic equalizers are “linked”, any change made to a control within either of the  
equalizers will result in an identical change to the other. Blocks may be linked within a Protea device, or across  
multiple devices (assuming that devices are networked). Linking of multiple devices is managed through LINK GROUPS.  
Each Pronteeane device will support up to eight Link Groups. DSP function “blocks” may be assigned to these groups  
though Protea Software. Once assigned to a group all LIKE functions within the group will track parameter changes.  
However more than one function type may be assigned to a group. Each LINK GROUP may be assigned a name by the  
user, and also be assigned a color for easy identification. For further details about linking, see the online help in Protea  
Preset Options - The Preset Options tab in the main amplifier window allows amplifier setups to be saved to and  
recalled from the amplifier as well as a computer. Presets are a snapshot of all current settings on a given amplifier.  
Sub Presets - Sub Presets are user defined groups of DSP functions within one channel or across multiple chan-  
nels. Sub Presets allow the end user to instantly recall a pre-determined set of DSP parameters to quickly address  
changing environmental conditions, without the risk of making undesirable or irrecoverable system changes.  
The Amplifier Control Surface  
This is the main user interface for the NE multichannel amplifier. Key features of this window include:  
) Channel/Offset Link Group Faders - The level control provides up to 40dB of analog input attenuation. More  
than 40dB of cumulative attenuation causes the channel to mute. If a channel has been assigned to an offset link  
group, acolored triangular marker appears on the left side of the fader graticule for secondary level control of  
all channels in that group. The main level control faders can not be linked to a group.  
) Mute button - This mutes the input channel  
) Polarity button - This inverts the phase of the input channel  

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