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CAUTION: Avoid running power wires near the low level input cables, antenna, power leads, sensitive equipment or  
harnesses. The power wires carry substantial current and could induce noise into the audio system.  
. Configure the internal XCard crossovers prior to installation. Refer to the “Using the Signal Switching Network” (page  
9 for the 50.2 and page 31 for 50.1) for further information.  
. Plan the wire routing. Take care when running signal level RCAcables to keep them close together but isolated from  
the amplifier's power cables and any high power auto accessories, especially electric motors. This is done to prevent  
coupling the noise from radiated electrical fields into the audio signal. When feeding the wires through the firewall or  
any metal barrier, protect them with plastic or rubber grommets to prevent short circuits. Leave the wires long at this  
point to adjust for a precise fit at a later time.  
. Prepare the Power cable for attachment to the amplifier by stripping 5/8"  
ofinsulation from the end ofthe wire. The use of8 gauge power cable can  
interfere with the installation ofthe end caps. Properwire dress can prevent  
this from occurring. To prevent the wire from fraying, strip the insulation at  
a 45° angle. Insert the bared wire into the B+ terminal with the long side  
ofthe insulation on the top. Bend the cable down at a 90° angle. Tighten  
the set screw to secure the cable in place. We recommend using (2) 8  
gauge cables for power and for ground. This will give you the best  
performance possible.  
. Strip 3/8" from the battery end of the power cable and crimp a large ring terminal to the cable. Use the ring terminal  
to connect to the battery positive terminal. Do not install the fuse at this time.  
. Prepare a length of cable to be used for the ground connection. Strip 5/8" of insulation from the end of the cable as  
described above and connect to the appropriate terminal ofthe amplifier. Prepare the chassis ground by scraping any  
paintfrom the metalsurface and thoroughlyclean the area ofalldirtand grease. Strip the otherend ofthe wire and attach  
a ring connector. Fasten the cable to the chassis using a non-anodized screw and a star washer.  
. Prepare the REM turn-on wire for connection to the amplifier by stripping 1/4" of insulation from the wire end and  
crimping an insulated spade connector in place. Slide the connector over the REMterminal on the amplifier. Connect  
the otherend ofthe REMwire to a switched 12 voltpositive source. The switched signalis usuallytaken from the source  
unit's auto antenna or the accessory lead. Ifthe source unit does not have these outputs available, the recommended  
solution is to wire a mechanical switch in line with a 12 volt source to activate the amplifier.  
. Securely mount the amplifier (with supplied screws) to the vehicle or amp rack. Be careful not to mount the amplifier  
on cardboard or plastic panels. Doing so may enable the screws to pull out from the panel due to road vibrations or  
sudden vehicle stops.  
. Connect the source signal to the amplifier by plugging the RCAcables into the input jack(s) at the amplifier. If using  
Balanced Line Inputs, refer to page 24.  
. Connect the speakers. Strip the speaker wires 5/8" and insert into the appropriate terminal on the amplifier. Insert the  
bared wire into the speaker terminal and tighten the set screw to secure into place. Be sure to maintain proper speaker  
polarity. DO NOTchassis ground any of the speaker leads as unstable operation may result.  
0. Perform a final check ofthe completed system wiring to ensure that all connections are accurate. Check all power and  
ground connections for frayed wires and loose connections which could cause problems from road vibrations.  
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