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Many ofthe solutions to common design problems encountered by Rockford Fosgate engineers created entire new circuit  
designs as well as new ways to construct the Punch 50.2 and 50.1 Power Amplifiers. In our flagship amplifiers, no expense  
was spared in design and construction from the unique circuitry design to the manufacturing process that has proven to be  
the industry reference for many years. Described below are just some ofthe accomplishments achieved by our engineering  
and manufacturing staff.  
trans•nova (TRANSconductance NOdal Voltage Amplifier)  
The trans•nova (TRANS conductance NOdal Voltage Amplifier) is a patented circuit (U.S. Patent 4,467,288) that allows  
the audio signal to pass through the amplifier at low voltage. Each amplifier channel utilizes its own “fully floating”power  
supply and is configured to increase power gain. The increase in power gain allows the drive stage to operate at a lower  
voltage. Alowvoltage drive stage is the same principle used in high qualitypreamplifiers to produce high linearityand wide  
trans•nova circuitry  
The resulting design utilizes an output stage with a simpler gain structure and a shorter total signal path than conventional  
high voltage (bi-polar) designs. The numberofstages is reduced from five ormore to three. The outputstage is furtherrefined  
into a trans-impedance stage (currentto voltage converter) to achieve a shortloop (fast) negative feedback. The outputstage  
is driven cooperatively by a transconductance stage (voltage to current converter).  
THE RESULT: Superior sound quality, greater efficiency and higher reliability.  
DIAMOND (Dynamically Invariant AMPlification Optimized Nodal Drive)  
DIAMOND(DynamicallyInvariantAMplification Optimized NodalDrive - patentpending) is an importantadvance in circuit  
design which reduces high frequency distortion. Amplifiers which utilize a large array of output MOSFETs cause a high  
capacitive load on the driver stage. This load can make the high frequencies sound harsh. The DIAMONDcircuit eliminates  
highfrequencydistortionbyallowingthedrivertooperatewith20dBormoreofcurrentheadroom, whereastraditionaldrivers  
have only 6dB of current headroom.  
THE RESULT: Lower distortion and greater inherent stability.  
TOPAZ (Tracking Operation Pre-Amplifier Zone)  
The TOPAZ (Tracking Operation Pre-Amplifier Zone) circuitry solves ground loop noise problems common to automotive  
amplifier design. This innovative new development allows vastly improved isolation of the input signal grounds from the  
powersupplyground ofthe amplifier. This is accomplished byallowing the source unitto controlthe potential“environment”  
ofthe entire input structure or “zone”ofthe amplifier. This process improves the noise rejection ofthe amplifier by 30-40dB  
an astounding 20-100 times better than amplifiers without TOPAZ.  
THE RESULT: Elimination of troublesome ground loop noise between source and amplifier.  
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