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Protecting yourself from electric shock:  
Before starting to equalize your sound system there  
is some information you should know and procedures  
you should follow:  
Never touch the plug with wet hands.  
Always pull out by the plug and never the cord.  
Only let a qualified professional repair the  
equipment. An unauthorized person might touch the These NADY AUDIO equalizers are equipped  
internal parts and receive a serious electric shock.  
Never allow a child to put anything, especially  
metal, into the equipment.  
with a BYPASS switch with an LED indicator. If  
you disable the BYPASS switch, the LED will turn  
off and all equalization settings will be restored. In  
bypass mode, the audio signal will flow through  
at unity gain.  
Protecting your NADY AUDIO Graphic Equalizer:  
Use only a household AC power source. Never use  
a DC power source.  
If water is spilled on or in the unit, unplug it and call  
for service.  
Make sure that the equipment is well ventilated and  
away from direct sunlight  
Avoid damage to the internal circuits and the  
external surface by keeping the unit away from  
sources of high heat.  
Avoid using spray type insecticide or solvents  
near the equipment. It can damage the finish an  
might ignite suddenly  
To avoid damaging the finish, never use denatured  
alcohol, paint thinner or other similar chemicals to  
clean 6 the equipment.  
Place the unit on a flat and solid surface or in a  
To enjoy your NADY AUDIO graphic equalizer for a  
long time, please read this owner’s manual  
• Use the range selection switch to select between  
a 6db or 12dB level adjust range. The dual color  
range LED will indicate green for 6dB and red for  
The input level control allows adjustment between  
OFF (center detent) and +/-6dB. Note: The unit is  
equipped with a red overload LED, which  
illuminates when the signal reaches 5dB prior to  
clipping. It is normal for the overload LED to flash  
occasionally, but if the overload LED is on steady  
you must readjust the level control. Below are  
some tips to follow while doing the initial set-up.  
. Set channel levels to the center detent (0dB-unity  
gain) on the front panel.  
. Enable the BYPASS switch (Note: The red LED is  
. Set all slide controls to the center detent or 0dB  
(unity gain) position.  
. Select the 6dB range switch (green LED ON).  
. Apply signal to the system.  
. Disable the BYPASS switch, red LED OFF.  
. If the CLIP (overload) LED is on you must turn  
down the level control.  
Signal Levels  
Signal levels from -18dBu to +18dBu are considered  
normal. Do not directly connect microphones into the  
equalizers. Microphones require a pre amp.  
. You may now start equalizing your system.  
. Switch the range switch to 12dB (red LED is lit) if  
the 6dB range does not provide sufficient gain.  
Chassis Grounding  
NADY AUDIO equalizers are equipped with a rear  
panel ground lift switch. If, after setting up your  
system, the system exhibits excessive hum or  
buzzing, the problem may be that there is a ground  
incompatibility between your equalizer the other  
equipment in the same system. There are several  
combinations that can be attempted. Note: ALWAYS  
different combinations of lifting grounds with the  
ground lift switches or make sure all chassis are  
connected to earth ground, either through the A.C.  
power cord ground or by the front panel rack mount  

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