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Operating Instructions  
CD Stereo System  
Model No. SC-EN27  
These instructions are applicable to the following systems.  
Dear Customer  
Main unit  
Thank you for purchasing this product.  
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the  
instructions completely.  
Please keep this manual for future reference.  
“EB” on the packaging indicates the United Kingdom.  
Troubleshooting guide  
Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about any of the check points, or if the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem,  
consult your dealer for instructions.  
The disc isn’t correctly set.  
• Switch the TV or other audio player off or separate it  
from the unit.  
• Switch off the portable audio player connected to  
A beat sound or noise  
is heard while receiving  
a radio broadcast.  
The disc is scratched or dirty. (Tracks skipped.)  
There is moisture on the lens. Wait for about an  
hour and then try again.  
No play.  
You may not be able to play MP3 if you have copied  
a multi-session disc that has no data between  
A low hum or noise is  
heard during AM  
• Keep the antenna away from other cables and  
• Keep the AM antenna away from the unit.  
MP3 cannot be read.  
• When creating a multi session disc, it is necessary  
to close the session.  
The location and orientation of the antenna are  
The TV antenna wire is too close to the unit.  
Separate the antenna wire of the TV set from the  
The picture on the  
The amount of data on the disc is too small. Set the  
amount of data to greater than approximately 5 MB.  
television near the set  
disappears or stripes  
appear on the screen.  
Sound is unxed,  
reversed or comes  
from one speaker only.  
• Check the speaker connections. (  
page 2)  
Check that the batteries are inserted correctly. (  
page 2)  
Remote control  
doesn’t work.  
Noise may occur when playing MP3 if recording  
quality is poor.  
• Replace the batteries if they are worn.  
Keep this unit away from mobile telephones.  
Turn the volume up.  
Switch the unit off, determine and correct the cause,  
then switch the unit on. Causes include shorting of  
the positive and negative speaker wires, straining of  
the speakers through excessive volume or power,  
and using the unit in a hot environment.  
• You plugged the AC mains lead in for the rst time  
No sound or there is a  
lot of noise.  
or there was a power failure recently. Set the time.  
page 5)  
The total programmed play time is more than 200  
–:– –  
Tracks can still be programmed and played.  
An AC mains lead or uorescent light is near the  
cords. Keep other appliances and cords away from  
this unit’s cords.  
• The number of programmed tracks is limited to 24.  
No further tracks can be programmed.  
Humming heard during  
A CD-ROM disc that is not CD-DA or MP3 format is  
This product may receive radio interference caused by mobile telephones during  
It cannot be played.  
If such interference is apparent, please increase separation between the  
product and the mobile telephone.  
• Incorrect operation performed. Read the instructions  
and try again.  
There is a power supply problem. Consult the  
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.  
Web Site:  
2006-2-6 9:49:13  

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