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Operational ꢁexibility — Operations such as input/output selection, setting of  
presets, and adjustment of audio levels can be performed on the front panel  
or via either serial port. The serial ports allow remote control via a PC or a  
control system.  
Front panel controls — The front panel controls support input and output  
selection, preset creation and selection, audio gain and attenuation, and  
volume control. The front panel features slots for labels that can identify each  
input and output with text or graphics.  
W indows-based control program — For serial port remote control from a  
PC, the Extron Windows-based Matrix Switchers Control Program provides  
a graphical interface and drag-and-drop/point-and-click operation. The  
Windows-based control program also has an emulation mode that lets you  
create a switcher conꢀguration ꢀle at the home ofꢀce and then download it  
for use by the switcher on site.  
Simple Instruction Set (SIS) — The remote control protocol uses Extron’s SIS  
for easy programming and operation.  
Remote control panels and keypads — The matrix switchers are remote  
controllable, using the optional MKP 2000 and MKP 3000 remote control  
keypads. These remote control devices are easy to use and provide tactile  
buttons for quick selection. Each MKP can be used for input-to-output  
switching or one-touch switching for a particular output. The MKP 3000 also  
can be used for selection of global presets.  
U pgradeable ꢀrmware — The ꢀrmware that controls all switcher operations can be  
upgraded in the ꢀeld via either serial port, without taking the switcher out of  
service. Firmware upgrades are available for download on the Extron Web  
site,, and can be installed using the Windows-based control  
Labeling — The Extron button label software is shipped with every Extron matrix  
switcher. You can create labels to place above the front panel input buttons  
and below the output buttons, with names, alphanumeric characters, or color  
bitmaps for easy and intuitive input and output selection. Alternatively,  
labels can be made with any Brother P-Touch or comparable labeler.  
Global memory presets — 32 global memory presets are a time-saving feature that  
lets you set up and store input/output conꢀgurations in advance. You can  
then recall those conꢀgurations, when needed, with a few simple steps on the  
front panel.  
Rack mounting — Theꢀ2Uꢀhighꢀ(matrixꢀsizesꢀ1616ꢀandꢀsmaller)ꢀorꢀ3Uꢀhighꢀ(matrixꢀ  
wide rack.  
Three front panel security lockout modes (Executive modes) — If a matrix  
switcher is installed in an open area, where operation by unauthorized  
personnel may be a problem, either of two security lockout modes can be  
implemented (the third mode is unlocked). When a front panel lockout  
mode is enabled, a special button combination or SIS command is required to  
unlock the front panel controlls and make the front panel fully operational.  
Power — The matrix switcher’s 100 VAC to 240 VAC internal power supply  
provides worldwide power compatibility.  
MTPX Plus Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers • Introduction  

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