User manual Cub Cadet Trimmer ST228

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-Cycle Trimmer  
Operator’s Manual  
Read and understand all instruction, warning and danger labels on the unit.  
Quick Instructions to  
Assemble Trimmers  
For complete instructions, refer to the  
Assembly Instructions section of this  
2.6 oz  
Min. 6"  
Place the shield onto the mount bracket.  
Remove the cap and spacer Remove the screws and bottom clamp. Place  
Mix thoroughly in a separate fuel can:  
Securely screw the 4 shield screws through  
the holes on the mount bracket and into the  
shield. Make sure the screws are tightened  
from the boom. Push the  
bottom add-on into the  
coupler. Turn the knob  
clockwise to tighten.  
the D-handle over the shaft housing and onto  
the bottom clamp. Move it a minimum of 6 inches  
(15.24 cm) from the end of the shaft grip.  
If pre-installed, loosen the screws just enough  
to move it. Tighten the clamp screws evenly  
until handle is secure.  
2.6 fl. oz. of 2-cycle engine oil  
1 gallon of unleaded gasoline  
Place the unit on a level surface.  
Fill fuel tank.  
NOTE: Do not mix directly in the  
engine fuel tank.  
Move choke lever to  
Position 1.  
Crouch in starting  
PRESS the lockout in;  
SQUEEZE and HOLD throttle  
control for ALL further steps.  
Pull the rope  
5 times.  
Quick Instructions  
to Start Engine  
Press primer bulb 10 times.  
For complete instructions, refer to  
Starting/ Stopping Instructions section  
of this manual.  
Repeat these instructions.  
If engine still fails to start,  
refer to the operator’s  
manual for additional  
starting and troubleshooting  
Move choke lever to  
Position 2.  
Pull starter rope 3 to 5 times.  
Making sure to keep throttle  
squeezed, run engine for  
Continue to squeeze  
throttle control and  
move the choke  
Continue squeezing the  
throttle control and run engine  
for additional 60 seconds to  
complete warm up.  
30-60 seconds to warm up.  
lever to Position 3.  
Quick Instructions to  
Replace Trimmer Line  
Using a flat-head screwdriver,  
insert the tip into the line dimple,  
just under the exposed portion of  
the line, and pull all the line out.  
Align the arrows on the  
bump knob with the  
spool cover eyelets.  
Rotate the bump knob  
clockwise until all line is  
inside the cutting head.  
For complete instructions,  
refer to Line Installation  
section of this manual.  
Using 16 ft. of 0.095 in. line; push both  
ends through the holes in the bump knob  
until they protrude through the eyelets.  
Hold the spool cover, turn the bump  
Pull the line until approximately  
Start the unit and bump the cutting  
head on the ground until the  
desired cutting length is achieved.  
ft. is visible on each side.  
knob clockwise to wind the line around  
the spool until about 5 in. is protruding  
from each side of the cutting head.  
NEED HELP? CALL 1–877-282-8684 IN U.S. OR 1–800–668–1238 IN CANADA  
769-07532 P01  

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