User manual Dish Network DUODVR 622/722

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Equipment CONTROLS  
Basic Recording and Viewing Features  
DVR Button:  
Mode Buttons  
SAT: controls your satellite. You will  
stay in SAT mode most of the time.  
Navigation CONTROLS  
Press DVR once to access the main DVR menu.  
Press DVR twice to go straight to your recordings.  
Press DVR three times to view your daily recording schedule.  
» TV: controls your TV.*  
» VCR: controls your VCR or DVD player.*  
Move up/down in on-screen  
menus and Program Guide  
one page at-a-time.  
AUX: controls other equipment such as a  
second TV or DVD player.*  
To Pause Live or Recorded TV:  
Power & TV Power  
Turns the receiver on/off.  
Turns the TV on/off.*  
To resume playing the program, press  
Display current and future TV  
program listings. Also toggles  
lists between ALL Chan, ALL  
You can stay paused for up to one hour if you are watching live TV.  
To get back to watching live TV, press the View Live TV button.  
Access features and settings including: Parental  
Locks, Favorites Lists, Customer Support and more.  
To Record a Program:  
There are two easy ways to record a program.  
Channel up/down, navigate  
menus and the guide.  
TV/Video Input*  
Press to see video from other  
equipment connected to your TV.*  
Only works in TV mode. Not applicable with certain TV makes/models.  
. To record a show you’re watching, press  
TV to record to (in Dual Mode only), then select OK.  
(Record), select which  
Select a show or menu  
option – like an enter button.  
. To record a show from the guide, use the arrow buttons to highlight a future  
show you want to record, then press  
(Select) to bring up the Create  
Timer screen.* Select how often you would like to record the program.  
Select CREATE TIMER to accept.  
Browse (right arrow)  
Look for other channels  
while watching TV.  
Resume a  
paused program  
Skip Fwd  
Skip ahead in 30-  
second increments  
Access main DVR menu  
Frequency Selections:  
Themes (left arrow)  
Search for programs by  
categories such as sports.  
Record live TV shows  
as they happen  
Skip Back  
Go back  
10 seconds  
Stops playback of a  
recorded program  
New Episodes:  
Only records programs  
being shown for the  
first time.  
View Live TV  
Return to watching live TV.  
Also exits all on-screen menus.  
Rewind TV or  
recorded programs  
Pause live TV or  
Fast forward quickly  
recorded programs  
Go back to the last  
channel viewed.  
Records the program you  
selected only one time.  
Special CONTROLS  
Display additional program info.  
To Watch a Recorded Program:  
Press twiceHighlight the program from your recordings that  
you want to watch Press (Select)Choose Start.  
Recovers satellite programming if your  
TV input or channel has changed.*  
Search for a program by  
name or by category  
To Delete a Recorded Program:  
Press twiceHighlight the program from your recordings that  
you want to delete Press (Select)Choose Delete.  
Access DishHOME Channel 100 to explore  
interactive TV features.  
Green with number 1  
Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Buttons  
Blue with n  
umber 2  
Watch two separate programs at once.  
To View Your Scheduled Recordings:  
Press three times Choose Timers.  
Only available in Single Mode. Refer to the User’s Guide for more details.  
To Delete a Recording Timer:  
Press three times Select Timers Highlight the timer you wish  
to delete Press (Select)Choose Delete.  
Changes the shape of the picture on your TV  
screen to match the frame size of the program  
you are watching. Choose between Normal,  
Stretch, Partial Zoom, Zoom or Gray Bar.  
Home of tHe best  
technology & lowest  
all-digital prices  
See the User’s Guide for details on creating timers.  
*See the User’s Guide for details on programming your remote.  
nationwide, every day.  

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