Bedienungsanleitung Philips 21PT4429

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Screen care  
Disposal of your old product and  
Avoid stationary images as much as  
possible. Stationary images are images  
that remain on-screen for extended  
periods of time. Examples include:  
on-screen menus, black bars and time  
displays. If you must use stationary  
images, reduce screen contrast and  
brightness to avoid screen damage.  
Unplug the TV before cleaning.  
Clean the TV and frame with a soft,  
damp cloth. Never use substances such as  
alcohol, chemicals or household cleaners  
on the TV.  
Your product is designed and manufactured  
with high quality materials and components,  
which can be recycled and reused.  
When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol  
is attached to a product it means that the  
product is covered by the European Directive  
Risk of damage to the TV screen! Never  
touch, push, rub or strike the screen with  
any object.  
To avoid deformations and colour fading,  
wipe off water drops as soon as possible.  
002/96/EC. Please inform yourself about the  
local separate collection system for electrical  
and electronic products.  
Please act according to your local rules and  
do not dispose of your old products with your  
normal household waste.  
Correct disposal of your old product helps to  
prevent potential negative consequences for  
the environment and human health.  
Your product contains batteries covered by  
the European Directive 2006/66/EC, which  
cannot be disposed with normal household  
Please inform yourself about the local rules  
on separate collection of batteries because  
correct disposal helps to prevent negative  
consequences for the environmental and  
human health.  

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