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DEll lAtItuDE  
E4200 & E4300  
Built small and light for the road warrior or executive, Dell Latitude Ultra-Portable laptops  
combine sleek looks, robust feature choices, and a low total cost of ownership.  
Latitude Ultra-Portable laptops ofer style, substance, and choice.  
With an expected starting weight oꢀ 2.2 lbs.,1 the E4200 is the  
smallest, lightest Latitude ever. It is the ideal choice ꢀor executives or  
road warriors who demand mobility and connectivity, all in a package  
that will turn heads at the airport. For travelers who believe thin and  
light should not mean compromised productivity, the E4300 ofers  
robust perꢀormance options such as 7200 RPM hard drives, standard  
volt Intel® Core™2 Duo Processors, and a built-in optical drive.  
All-DAy MobIlE CoMPutINg  
Latitude Ultra-Portable laptops are designed to help  
increase productivity. High-capacity battery slice options,  
Dell ControlPoint soꢀtware, and optional Auto/Air/AC travel  
adapters will let you run longer on a single battery charge and re-  
charge in more places. Stay connected with anytime, anywhere wireless  
connectivity3 with support ꢀor current and emerging wireless technologies  
Wi-Fi, High-Perꢀormance Wireless-N, mobile broadband,3 WiMAX™, Bluetooth® 2.1).  
Dell ProSupport Mobility Services4 help protect your investment and ensure your data is yours and  
yours alone.  
Dell ProSupport Asset Protection Options help maximize uptime while protecting your investment  
with Extended Battery Service, as well as Laptop Tracking & Recovery.  
Dell ProSupport Data Protection Options ꢀeature Remote Data Delete, Hard Drive Data Recovery,  
and Certiꢁed Data Destruction. Dell can remotely delete sensitive data, help prevent potential loss oꢀ  
valuable data, certiꢀy destruction oꢀ data, and help recover data when you have a ꢀailed hard drive and  
no backup.  
totAl CoNtRol of owNERShIP  
Unlike many ultra-portable options in the market, Latitude Ultra-Portable laptops are 100% compatible  
with the docking solutions ofered on the rest oꢀ the Latitude line, helping reduce the time and  
costs associated with managing your docking solution. Latitude E-Family Ultra-Portable laptops can  
be managed virtually anywhere in the world without leaving your desk. With image and systems  
management tools like Dell ImageDirect™, Dell Client Manager, and Intel vPro™ technologies, you can  
simpliꢀy systems management and ꢀree IT to ꢀocus on more strategic business challenges.  

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