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Hold the front handle with left hand and firmly press the cutoff saw against ground, place the  
right foot on the carburetor box cover.  
Holding the starter grip (5) securely, slowly pull out the starter rope for a short distance, and then  
pull it through quickly and strongly.  
Note: Starter rope is 3 3/4-ft. long; do not pull the rope out more than its length otherwise it may  
break or cause damage to the starting system.  
Do not let go of the starter grip.  
After pulling, guide the rope back into place slowly.  
Pull the rope only straight up and down through the rope guide bushing to prevent it  
from wearing.  
After the rope has been pulled through:  
If the engine does not start, press the button of the decompression valve again and  
restart the engine.  
If the engine runs for a while but doesn’t keep running, press the decompression valve  
in, move the choke lever to and then restart the engine.  
As soon as the engine is running, briefly blip the throttle trigger (3) at once. The full throttle lock  
button (4) reverts to its original position and the engine idles.  
If the engine is new, or has been stored for a long period of time, pull the starter rope through  
several times to ensure that sufficient fuel is delivered into the fuel line and combustion chamber  
of the engine.  
. Operation:  
The blade will not run when the engine idles.  
When the cutoff saw is ready for actual cutting work, gently pull the throttle trigger (3) backward  
to accelerate the engine, when the speed is over 3800 RPM, the blade begins to rotate and speeds  
up. When the blade speed is up and stable, you can begin to move the saw slowly toward the  
object to be cut. After the cutting edge comes in contact with the object, increase pressure to the  
saw slowly until the blade is at the desired depth. Finally hold the machine securely and move  
along a straight line to complete the cut.  
To stop or halt the cut (when a cut is completed, or the engine runs out of fuel halfway, or  
abnormal sound is heard), first lift the blade out of the cut, then release the throttle trigger, wait  
until the engine slows down to idle speed and the blade stops running, then finally turn off the  
. Emergency stopping (Ref. Fig.8):  
Under normal conditions, the machine is to be turned off when  
the engine idles. However, if a malfunction or emergency  
occurs during cutting, you can stop the engine immediately by  
pressing and holding the Kill Switch (2) on the front end of the  
rear handle (1). But note that the service life of some  
components of the saw may be adversely affected if the engine  
is stopped too often during cutting.  
Fig. 8  
. Notes on operation  
Follow all applicable instructions in this manual when operating the cutoff saw.  
During the break-in phase, which takes about 8 hours, the saw must not be operated at high  
speeds without load (do not pull the throttle trigger beyond 3/4 of full throttle). Following this  
procedure will lengthen the service life of your machine.  

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