Bedienungsanleitung Panasonic 999000

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Always install the blade so that the arrow on the blade points in direction of the rotation of the  
Before carrying or transporting your cutoff saw, make sure the engine is OFF. Never leave the  
engine running while unattended (e.g. on the ground).  
Proper tension of the V-belt is important. In order to avoid a false setting, the tensioning  
procedure must be followed as described in your manual. Always make sure the hexagonal collar  
nuts for the cast arm are tightened securely. Check V-belt tension after one hour of operation and  
correct if necessary.  
. Operator:  
The cutoff saw is a one-person tool. Start and operate this saw without assistance.  
Make sure you are in good physical condition and are not under the influence of any substance  
such as drugs or alcohol which may impair vision or dexterity. Take breaks as needed to prevent  
you from getting fatigued.  
Never let the cutoff saw run unattended. NO untrained personal should ever be allowed to use a  
cutoff machine. Bystanders, especially children and animals, should not be allowed in the area  
where a cutoff machine is in use.  
Do not lend or rent your cutoff machine without this Operation Manual. Employers should  
establish a training program for operators of this saw to ensure safe operation of this powerful  
Avoid loose-fitting jackets, scarves, neckties, jewelry, flared or cuffed pants, unconfined long  
hair or anything that could become caught or entangled on any moving parts of the unit. Wear  
overalls or long pants to protect your legs. Do not wear shorts.  
Protect your hands with gloves when handing the cutoff saw. Heavy-duty, nonslip gloves  
improve your grip and protect your hands.  
Operate the cutoff saw with both hands, keeping a firm grip on the front and rear handles.  
Maintain good balance and footing at all times.  
Good footing is most important. Wear sturdy boots with nonskid soles. Steel-toed safety boots are  
To reduce the risk of injury to your eyes, never operate the cutoff saw unless  
wearing goggles or properly fitted safety glasses with adequate top and side  
protection. Proper eye protection is a must!  
Wear an approved safety hard hat to protect your head. Cutoff machine noise could  
damage your hearing: Wear earplugs or ear protectors at all times.  
Cutting masonry, concrete, metal and other materials can generate dust, mists and  
fumes containing chemicals known to cause serious or fatal injury or illness, such as  
respiratory disease, cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  

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