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torsion load on the blade and may cause it to break or shatter. Only move the machine along a  
straight line, forward or “to and fro” in the cutting direction.  
. When cutting, position the saw at an appropriate distance so that your body is clear of the blade  
attachment yet you don’t have to overreach.  
. Release the pressure on the saw when the blade completes a cut. The cutoff portion of the  
object may drop, so make sure it won’t hit any part of your body or pinch the blade.  
. Whenever you hear an abnormal sound coming out of the cutoff saw, stop cutting immediately  
for inspection (Note the muffler and the blade are very hot at this time, so take care not to get  
burned). Only resume work after the trouble is eliminated.  
. Do not make adjustments or perform any maintenance or troubleshooting with the cutoff saw  
while it is running.  
. Take precaution when re-entering a cut and do not turn the blade at an angle or push it into the  
cut, as this may cause the blade to become pinched.  
. Precautions on fueling:  
. Fuel the machine only in a well-ventilated environment.  
. Before refueling, let the engine cool off naturally. Do not take  
any other forceful measures to cool the engine down.  
. Remove the fuel tank cap slowly and carefully to allow any  
pressure build-up in the tank to be released (Ref. Fig. 4).  
. Tighten fuel cap securely after fueling and clean off spillage,  
if any.  
have any part of your body come in contact with the muffler;  
burns could occur.  
. Notes on transporting:  
. Always stop the engine before relocating the saw.  
. When carrying the machine with a hot engine, take care not to  
Fig. 4  
. Prevent the saw from touching the ground or any hard objects.  
. Notes on maintenance:  
Perform any maintenance or repair work in clean and neat environment. Use proper tools and  
operate with caution.  
Do not attempt to modify your cutoff saw in any way. Use only identical spare parts for  
The cutoff saw is only intended for cutting work and cannot be used for prying or shoveling  
away any objects, or used as a grinding tool with the sides of the blade.  

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