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IWTS-8e In-Wall Subwoofer  
Out of site bass performance  
Great movie and music experiences are built on a foundation of powerful,  
accurate bass. Achieving this kind of bass performance at home typically  
requires large, bulky, and obtrusive enclosures.  
Atlantic has changed all that—for the better. Now, with our in-wall  
subwoofer system, you can get powerful, accurate, and authoritative deep  
bass from practically invisible THX Ultra® certified subwoofers that fit in  
standard 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 studded walls.  
Our IWTS-8e SUB features a powerful dedicated, stand-alone SA-380  
amplifier that delivers a prodigious 380 watts RMS into 4 ohms. In addition,  
the amplifier is equalized for use specifically with our dual-woofer module,  
providing bass response that achieves an in-room response of -3dB at  
0Hz! A special servo-feedback circuit in the SA-380 monitors the woofers’  
response, and instantly provides a distortion-canceling signal in the event  
that any non-linearities are detected. The result: the bass response remains  
powerful and clear at all playback levels, even at extreme volume.  
The woofer wall module consists of dual ultra-heavy duty 8-inch woofers  
mounted in a sealed in-wall enclosure designed to fit into a standard 2 x  
” new construction stud bay. The drivers feature an extremely stiff Coated  
Composite Molded Graphite cone with a unique inverted stiffening dust cap.  
The driver’s 2-inch Kapton™ voice coil rests in a massive and powerful  
-pound vented magnet assembly. Two of these proprietary drivers equals  
the cone area of a single 12-inch woofer, yet with a combined motor  
structure larger than most 15- and 18-inch drive units. Since our 8-inch  
drivers use very stiff, light cones with enormous motor assemblies, their  
input response is extremely quick and accurate. This yields very fast bass  
response and exceptionally natural music reproduction.  
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