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Caring forYour Speakers  
Setting the Subwoofer Level  
The speaker cabinets are made out of aluminum and  
are therefore sensitive to extreme temperatures and  
humidity, do not put them in locations subject to direct  
sunlight or in humid places, such as near an air condi-  
tioner, humidifier, bathroom, or kitchen.  
To set the level of the subwoofer, use the OUTPUT  
LEVEL control. Set it so that bass sounds are evenly bal-  
anced with the treble sounds from the other speakers.  
Because our ears are less sensitive to very low bass  
sounds, there’s a temptation to set the level of the sub-  
woofer too high. As a rule of thumb, set the subwoofer  
level to what you think is the optimal level, and then back  
it off slightly.  
Do not put water or other liquids close to the speakers.  
If liquid is spilled over the speakers, the drive units  
may be damaged.  
As explained in this manual, mount the speakers on a  
wall, on the supplied bases, otherwise, they may fall,  
causing personal injury or damage to the speakers.  
Speakers with bases should only be placed on sturdy,  
flat surfaces that are free from vibration. Putting them  
on uneven or unstable surfaces, where they may fall  
and cause damage, will affect the sound quality.  
Subwoofer Level Set OK  
Using Close to a TV or Computer  
TVs and computer monitors are magnetically sensitive  
devices and as such are likely to suffer discoloration or  
picture distortion when conventional speakers are placed  
nearby. To prevent this, speakers other than the subwoofer  
feature internal magnetic shielding. In some situations,  
however, discoloration may still be an issue, in which case  
you should turn off your TV or monitor, wait 15 to 30  
minutes, and then turn it back on again. This normally  
activates the degaussing function, which neutralizes the  
magnetic field, thereby removing any discoloration  
effects. If discoloration problems persist, try moving the  
speakers away from your TV or monitor. Note that discol-  
oration can also be caused by a magnet or demagnetizing  
tool that’s too close to your TV or monitor.  
Overall response  
Repsonse of other speakers  
Subwoofer response  
Subwoofer Level Set Incorrectly  
Subwoofer level too high  
Operating Precautions  
The HTP-240/SKS-HT240 speakers can handle the  
specified input power when used for normal music  
reproduction. If any of the following signals are fed to  
them, even if the input power is within the specified rat-  
ing, excessive current may flow in the speaker coils,  
causing burning or wire breakage:  
Subwoofer level too low  
1. Interstation noise from an untuned FM radio.  
2. Sound from fast-forwarding a cassette tape.  
3. High-pitched sounds generated by an oscillator, elec-  
tronic musical instrument, and so on.  
. Amplifier oscillation.  
. Special test tones from audio test CDs and so on.  
. Thumps and clicks caused by connecting or discon-  
necting audio cables (Always turn off your amplifier  
before connecting or disconnecting cables.)  
. Microphone feedback.  

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