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Professional Power Amplifiers  
NE Series specifications  
NE Series Four-Channel Amplifiers  
ne4250 | ne4250pe | ne4250.25 | ne4250.25pe | ne4250.70 | ne4250.70pe | ne4250.10 | ne4250.10pe |  
Four Channel Amplifier  
Ethernet control Is standard  
Low-Z, 25V, 70V and 100V Models  
Extensive DSP Available  
Easy and intuitive user interface  
Extensive protection circuitry  
Safety/Compliance: cTUVus/FCC,  
CE (pending), RoHS  
Connecting and controlling an amplifier for networked systems has now  
been simplified with Ashly’s NE Series amplifiers. Network Enabled (NE) amplifi-  
ers offer ease of use, setup and control using standard 10/100 Ethernet proto-  
col and Protea NE Software. No special outboard control units are needed.  
Front panel:  
Level attenuators for each channel  
Four, four-channel models with output power at 250W are available to fill a  
wide variety of low impedance, 25V, 70V and 100V performance installation  
or constant voltage applications. NE Series amplifiers are offered two ways;  
standard input with euroblock connectors and “pe” (Protea Enabled) with  
euroblock input connectors and world renowned Protea DSP signal process-  
• Power switch can be disabled by  
4-Step Signal Level and Clip LEDs  
Rear panel:  
The DSP signal processing library is extensive and utilizes two SHARC 32-bit/  
10/100 Ethernet port  
Euroblock inputs  
Euroblock outputs  
6kHz processors. Processing blocks include Graphic, Parametric, Notch and  
Shelving Equalization, High-, Low- and All-Pass Filters (HPF/LPF/APF) with up to  
8dB/Octave slopes, Delay, Compressor/Limiter, Gate, Ducking, Auto-leveler,  
Gain and Signal Generators (sinewave, white and pink noise). A full Matrix  
Mixer with assignable routing allows any input to drive any or all amplifier out-  
puts. Presets can be used to store and retrieve global parameters of an entire  
amplifier’s control surface and DSP section.  
• Remote level control  
Preset recall  
Remote power turn-on/off  
Data in and out ports  
Additionally, each amplifier also provides DC voltage control of the attenu-  
ators which makes it a snap to control volume from remote locations, preset  
recall, Remote Power Standby and data in and out ports for connecting  
accessories like the WR-5 to control user selected parameters. There are LED  
indicators for power, standby, protect, network communications and each  
channel has a four-step signal meter, bridge mono, temperature and current  
Watts per channel  
8 ohms  
4 ohms  
ne4250.25 NR  
ne4250.75 NR  
ne4250.10 NR  
Four-channel Mic-pre, AES/EBU, and Cobranet modules will be available as  
options. Eight-channel NE series amplifiers are also available  
Input Options  
Four-channel Mic pre  
WR-1 2-ch Level Control  
WR-2 Four Position Switch  
WR-5 Programmable Selector  
RD/RW8 8-ch Level Control  

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