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0. Protect the power cord from being walked  
on or pinched particularly at plugs,  
convenience receptacles, and the point  
where they exit from the apparatus.  
Extron’s Warranty  
Extron Electronics warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship  
for a period of three years from the date of purchase. In the event of malfunction during  
the warranty period attributable directly to faulty workmanship and/or materials,  
Extron Electronics will, at its option, repair or replace said products or components,  
to whatever extent it shall deem necessary to restore said product to proper operating  
condition, provided that it is returned within the warranty period, with proof of  
purchase and description of malfunction to:  
Important Safety  
11. Only use attachments/accessories speciꢀed  
by the manufacturer.  
This symbol is intended to alert the  
user of important operating and maintenance  
servicing) instructions in the literature provided  
with the equipment.  
2. Unplug this apparatus during lightning  
storms or when unused for long periods of  
This symbol is intended to alert the user  
13. WARNING: To reduce the risk of ꢀre or  
electric shock, do not expose this apparatus  
to rain or moisture.  
USA, Canada, South America,  
and Central America:  
Extron Electronics  
Europe, Africa, and the Middle East:  
Extron Electronics, Europe  
Beeldschermweg 6C  
of the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage  
within the product’s enclosure that may present a  
risk of electric shock. On the product, risk of shock  
may be indicated by this symbol:  
This apparatus shall not be exposed to  
dripping or splashing and no objects ꢀlled  
with liquids, such as vases shall be placed  
on the apparatus.  
001 East Ball Road  
3821 AH Amersfoort  
Read these instructions.  
Keep these instructions.  
Heed all warnings.  
Anaheim, CA 92805, USA  
The Netherlands  
14. Refer all servicing to qualiꢀed service  
personnel. Servicing is required when  
the apparatus has been damaged in any  
way, such as power-supply cord or plug  
is damaged, liquid has been spilled or  
objects have fallen into the apparatus, the  
apparatus has been exposed to rain or  
moisture, does not operate normally, or has  
been dropped.  
Extron Electronics, Asia  
135 Joo Seng Road, #04-01  
PM Industrial Bldg.  
Singapore 368363  
Extron Electronics, Japan  
Kyodo Building  
16 Ichibancho  
Follow all instructions.  
Do not use this apparatus near water.  
Clean only with dry cloth.  
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082  
Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in  
accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  
This Limited Warranty does not apply if the fault has been caused by misuse, improper  
handling care, electrical or mechanical abuse, abnormal operating conditions or non-  
Extron authorized modiꢀcation to the product.  
Do not install near any heat sources such  
as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other  
apparatus (including ampliꢀers) that produce  
15. WARNING: This apparatus is a Class I  
product. This product must be connected  
to a MAINS socket outlet with a protective  
earthing connection.  
If it has been determined that the product is defective, please call Extron and ask for an  
Applications Engineer at (714) 491-1500 (USA), 31.33.453.4040 (Europe), 65.6383.4400  
Asia), or 81.3.3511.7655 (Japan) to receive an RA# (Return Authorization number). This  
will begin the repair process as quickly as possible.  
Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized  
or grounding-type plug. Apolarized plug has  
two blades with one wider than the other. A  
grounding type plug has two blades and a third  
grounding prong. The wide blade or the third  
prong is provided for your safety. If the provided  
plug does not ꢀt into your outlet, consult an  
electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.  
16. The mains plug is used as the disconnect  
device and shall remain readily operable.  
Units must be returned insured, with shipping charges prepaid. If not insured, you  
assume the risk of loss or damage during shipment. Returned units must include the  
serial number and a description of the problem, as well as the name of the person to  
contact in case there are any questions.  
Extron Electronics makes no further warranties either expressed or implied with respect  
to the product and its quality, performance, merchantability, or ꢀtness for any particular  
use. In no event will Extron Electronics be liable for direct, indirect, or consequential  
damages resulting from any defect in this product even if Extron Electronics has been  
advised of such damage.  
Power sources • This equipment should be operated only from the power source indicated on the  
product. This equipment is intended to be used with a main power system with a grounded (neutral)  
conductor. The third (grounding) pin is a safety feature, do not attempt to bypass or disable it.  
Power disconnection • To remove power from the equipment safely, remove all power cords from  
the rear of the equipment, or the desktop power module (if detachable), or from the power source  
receptacle (wall plug).  
Please note that laws vary from state to state and country to country, and that some  
provisions of this warranty may not apply to you.  

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