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Extron Patented CDRS™ - Class D Ripple Suppression  
A patented, exclusive technology from Extron that  
eliminates the high frequency switching ripple and EMI  
emissions found in typical Class D amplifiers. CDRS  
enables Extron power amplifiers to be situated near  
wireless A/V devices without RF interference.  
About this Manual  
This manual contains information about the Extron's XTRA  
Series of power amplifiers: the XPA 1002 two-channel stereo  
audio power amplifier and the XPA 2001 mono audio power  
amplifier. The XPA 1002 outputs 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms  
and 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms. The XPA 2001 offers two  
models: the XPA 2001-70V and the XPA 2001-100V. The XPA  
Convection cooled — The XTRA Series of amplifiers are  
convection cooled without the need for fans, ensuring  
quiet, reliable operation.  
001-70V outputs 200 watts (70 V line mono), and the XPA 2001-  
00V outputs 200 watts (100 V line mono).  
Plenum rated when used with optional Flexible Conduit  
Adapter Kit, part # 70-228-02 — The amplifiers meet UL  
2043 for smoke and heat release for installation within a  
plenum airspace above a drop ceiling.  
Terms used in this manual  
The terms “amplifier” and “power amplifier” are used  
interchangeably in this manual to refer to all of the XPA  
models. XPA 2001 refers to both the XPA 2001-70V and the XPA  
Auto-standby with fast power-up — The amplifiers  
automatically enter into a standby mode after one hour of  
inactivity, dramatically reducing power consumption. It  
quickly returns to full power status upon signal detection.  
Inputs — Balanced or unbalanced stereo on a captive screw  
Rear panel level controls — Provide attenuation of input  
signals for setting proper audio system gain staging  
as well as two-zone applications. They are located on  
the rear panel to prevent unauthorized or accidental  
tampering of the level adjustments.  
Speaker Outputs — Screw-lock, 5 mm captive screw connector.  
Continuous power output for larger rooms —  
XPA 1002: 60 watts rms per channel at 8 ohms; 100  
watts rms per channel at 4 ohms.  
Multiple protection circuits — Activate during excessive  
clipping, thermal overload, or DC faults to prevent  
damage to the amplifier and speakers.  
XPA 2001-70V: 200 watts rms for 70 volt speaker  
Remote standby port — Enables the amplifiers to be remotely  
powered down when not in use, reducing operating cost.  
XPA 2001-100V: 200 watts rms for 100 volt speaker  
Remote volume and mute control port — This port allows the  
amplifiers to be remotely controlled using the optional  
Extron VCM 100 Series volume and mute or VC 50  
volume controllers.  
Professional grade ampliꢀer design —  
Less than 0.05% Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise  
Better than 100 dB Signal-to-Noise  
Screw lock, 5 mm captive screw speaker connectors — Enables  
simple, secure connections with 22 to 14 AWG speaker  
ENERGY STAR® qualiꢀed ampliꢀer — The XTRA Series of  
amplifiers are energy efficient products to help meet green  
building requirements for low power consumption and  
reduced operating costs.  
Front and rear-mounted signal and protection indication LEDs  
Provide convenient indication of amplifier operation  
Highly efꢀcient Class D ampliꢀer design — The XTRA  
Series of amplifiers generate substantially less heat than  
conventional amplifier designs, making them ideal for  
installation in equipment racks and lecterns with very  
limited ventilation. They consumes 10 watts when idle  
and less than 1 watt in standby mode.  
from both sides of an equipment rack.  
Internal international power supply — The 100-240VAC, 50-60  
Hz, universal power supply provides worldwide power  
XTRA Series • Introduction  
XTRA Series • Introduction  

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