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RT-1082 DAB/AM/FM Stereo Tuner  
The following options are available: Use of  
these features will require knowledge of your  
local DAB transmitter.  
Searching for a DAB station  
How to store DAB stations  
When auto tune is finished the service iden-  
tification will be displayed. Use the up/down  
buttons to select the desired station.  
NOTE:When using the DAB tuner for the  
first time the FL display will ask whether you  
want to auto-tune to find the available ser-  
vice in your area. For most applications  
auto-tune should only need to be carried out  
once. Select YES to confirm the selection.  
The tuner will then search automatically for  
available stations on the DAB network. The  
number of stations received will depend on  
the location of your aerial and the available  
multiplexes in your location. For optimal re-  
ception we recommend using a dedicated  
outdoor antenna.  
DAB DAC VOLUME – The RT-1082 allows  
level adjustments to the DAC volume. The DAC  
volume can be adjusted between 0 – 255 using  
the up and down keys. This feature can be  
used to match the output signal level of other  
equipment in your set-up.  
To memorize the station press MEMORY fol-  
lowed by the your preference of number.  
Example: “Memory” + “1” + “2”  
Repeat this process for saving additional  
DIMMER Select to change the FL display  
brightness using the up and down keys. This  
can be adjusted to your preference.  
How to call a PRESET  
After a station has been saved to memory it  
can be recalled using the number keys.  
FACTORY DEFAULT – Select when you wish  
to return the RT-1082 to its factory settings.  
Confirm factory default by pressing the ENTER  
button. WARNING:Selecting factory default  
will erase all saved settings.  
AUTO TUNE button wH  
Example: “1” + “2”  
You may also wish to repeat the search periodi-  
cally to discover if any new multiplexes (i.e.  
group of services) have gone on air, or if you  
move the tuner to a different area.  
TUNER AREA – Your tuner should be set to  
operate within the country of purchase. The  
tuner area can be set to either <EUROPE> or  
NOTE:Auto tune will erase any preset sta-  
tions saved to memory.  
VERSION– This feature will confirm the main  
software version of the RT-1082.  
1. Select the DAB tuner by pressing the BAND  
button toonntthheerfermonottepacnoenltroorl.the DAB  
Front CPU Upgrade select this option  
to upgrade the front CPU. Note: this menu  
selection is used only with the factory so there  
is no need for you to use this feature.  
2. Press AUTO TUNE to search for first en-  
semble stations. The FL display will change  
to [ DAB Auto Tuning ] and <No>, <Yes>  
to perform.  
. Choose <No> by keying the UP/DOWN  
not wish to retune. Choose <Yes> by keying  
the UP/DOWN buttons of the front panel,  
press ENTER to search new ensembles and  
replace current stations automatically.  
EXIT – Select to exit the set-up menu.  

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