Bedienungsanleitung Rotel RT-1082

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Computer I/O [  
AC Input a  
ON and OFF Buttons A  
Remote only  
The RT-1082 can be operated from a computer  
with audio system control software from third-  
party developers. This control is accomplished  
by sending operating codes from the computer  
via a hard wired RS-232 serial connection  
Your RT-1082 is configured at the factory for  
the proper AC line voltage in the country where  
you purchased it (120 volts AC at 60Hz in the  
USA and 230 volts AC at 50Hz in Europe).  
The AC line configuration is noted on a de-  
cal on the back of your unit. Make sure that  
your unit is configured properly for your AC  
line voltage.  
Pressing the ON button deactivates the standby  
mode and places the RT-1082 into normal  
operation. Pressing the OFF button places the  
RT-1082 into standby mode. Power is still sup-  
plied to the unit, but functions are disabled  
In addition, the RT-1082 can be updated using  
special software from Rotel.  
Remote Sensor 3  
This front panel sensor receives infrared signals  
from the remote control. Make sure you do  
not accidentally block this sensor with cables  
or accessories.  
The COMPUTER I/O input provides the neces-  
sary network connections on the rear panel. It  
accepts standard RJ-45 8-pin modular plugs,  
such as those commonly used in 10-BaseT UTP  
Ethernet cabling. For additional information  
on the connections, cabling, software, and  
operating codes for computer control or updat-  
ing of the RT-1082, contact your authorized  
Rotel dealer or Rotel Tech Support.  
Plug the supplied cord into the AC INPUT  
receptacle on the back of the unit. Once all  
other rear panel connections are completed,  
plug the power cord into an AC wall outlet  
or switched AC outlet on another system  
Front Panel Display 6  
The large fluorescent display in the center por-  
tion of the RT-1082 provides status information  
used in operating the DAB/AM/FM receiver  
(such as station frequency display, band preset  
memory, RDS information, etc.).  
Basic Operating Controls  
The following explanations will help you get  
familiar with the features and controls. When  
a function is available on both the front panel  
and the remote, a number (see front panel  
illustration) and a letter (see remote control  
illustration) are shown in the instructions. For  
example, to change from the AM to FM band,  
you can either press the front panel button or  
use the button on the remote. When only one  
identifier appears, that control is available  
only on the front panel or the remote, but  
not both.  
This 3.5mm mini-jack receives command codes  
from industry standard infrared receivers  
MEMORY Button qK  
The MEMORY button is used to confirm and  
memorize various settings in the setup and  
operation of the RT-1082, including tuner  
station presets. Its use is described in detail  
in the relevant sections below.  
Xantech, etc.) via hard-wired connections.  
This feature could prove useful when the unit  
is installed in a cabinet and the front panel  
sensor is blocked. Consult your authorized  
Rotel dealer for information on these external  
repeaters and the proper wiring of a jack to  
fit the mini-jack receptacle.  
ENTER Button -  
Pressing the ENTER button selects the high-  
lighted parameter in the SETUP display.  
2V TRIGGER Connection \  
The RT-1082 can be activated by a 12 volt trigger  
signal from a Rotel preamplifier.  
SETUP Button 0  
NOTE:Controls used for tuning the DAB/  
AM/FM receiver are described in the next  
sections of this manual.  
Opens and closes the RT-1082 setup menu.  
This provides the RT-1082 setup menus as  
well as the ability to change country modes  
by using the front panel ENTER, UP/DOWN  
The trigger input accepts any control signal (AC  
or DC) ranging from 3 volts to 30 volts. When  
a cable is connected to the input and a trigger  
signal is present, the tuner is activated.  
Standby Button 1and  
Standby LED 2  
DIMMER Button 8D  
When the trigger signal is interrupted, the tuner  
goes into standby mode. The front panel indicator  
light remains lit, but the display goes dark and  
the unit will not operate.  
The STANDBY button is located on the front  
panel of the RT-1082 and is not duplicated on  
the remote control.  
Available on the front panel and remote con-  
trol, this button selects four display brightness  
settings. Press the button to cycle through the  
four settings.  
The STANDBY LED will be lit when the AC  
input line is connected.  
The RT-1082 will also pass a 12V trigger signal to  
associated equipment using a trigger. The signal  
will remain 12V in normal operation.  
NOTE:When the tuner is turned off then  
back on, the display reverts to its normal  
setting. The dimmer setting is also available  
in the SETUP menu for memory setup until  
the AC line is disconnected.  

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