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This chapter describes network guidelines, power requirements, and  
operating specifications for the STH. Before installing the STH, read this  
chapter and confirm that the network meets the requirements and  
conditions specified in this chapter. Failure to follow these guidelines  
could result in poor network performance.  
.1 Ge ne ra l Consid e ra tions  
All devices connected to the STH must meet IEEE 802.5 Token Ring  
Ma xim um Num b e r of Sta tions on a Ring  
The maximum stack composed of four 24-port STH hubs and one 24-port  
intelligent hub offers a total of 120 TCU ports, but the number of ports  
available on the LAN may be increased by the use of passive Multi-  
station Access Units (MAUs) (refer to Section 1.2.4, Su p p or t for  
P a ssive MAU Wor k gr ou p s). The recommended maximum number of  
stations in a single ring is 250 stations when using STP lobe cabling and  
150 stations when using UTP cabling anywhere on the ring.  
Crossta lk  
Crosstalk is interference caused by signal coupling between different  
cable pairs contained within a multi-pair cable bundle. Multi-pair cables  
should not be used for UTP lobe cabling. Avoid mixing Token Ring  
signals with other applications (voice, etc.) within the same cable.  
Noise can be caused by either crosstalk or externally induced impulses.  
Outside systems (motors, switching equipment, fluorescent lighting, high  
amperage equipment) may produce electrical interference causing noise.  
The number and quality of cable connections also contribute considerably  
to noise levels. If noise induced errors are suspected, it may be necessary  
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