Manuel d'utilisation HTC P6500

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Personalize Your PDA Phone  
Go Online and Surf the Web  
Get E-mail Using Your PDA Phone  
A. Change the Today screen  
Go online by turning on Wi-Fi® on your device.  
Get your e-mail on your device. Set up your device so you can send and receive e-mails using  
your favorite e-mail service.  
P6500 Read Me First  
Tap Start > Settings > Personal tab > Today.  
If there is no Wi-Fi hotspot in your area, you can still connect to the Internet by using the GPRS/3G or dial-up  
service of your wireless service provider. Refer to the User Manual to learn how to connect using GPRS/3G or dial  
This Read Me First will help you get started with using your Windows Mobile® 6 powered device.  
We recommend that you have this guide handy when you start using your device.  
B. Set the date and time  
Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Clock & Alarm > Time tab.  
For a more complete reference, consult the User Manual that came with the device.  
C. Manage power settings  
Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Power > Advanced tab.  
Select this  
Tap Start >  
Messaging > New  
E-mail Account.  
Type in your E-mail  
address and tap  
Tap Next.  
If unsuccessful, you  
need to manually  
enter the settings  
in the succeeding  
Tap Start >  
Select the wireless  
network you want to  
connect to and  
tap OK.  
Select The Internet  
and tap Connect.  
Programs > Comm  
Manager and tap  
the Wi-Fi button.  
Note If you are connecting to a secured wireless network, you may need to enter a Key for that network connection  
before you can connect to it.  
Use Internet Explorer® Mobile (tap Start > Internet Explorer) to surf the Web.  
What’s in the Box  
Secure Your PDA Phone  
Take a Picture  
These are the items that you should find inside the box.  
Protect your device from unauthorized access by enabling the SIM PIN and/or Device lock.  
Take out your device and capture those precious moments.  
A. To enable SIM PIN  
Enabling the SIM PIN requires you to enter a password first before you can use the phone  
features of the device.  
The photo will be saved to the My Pictures folder, unless you choose to delete it (by tapping  
3 3  
1. PDA Phone  
2. USB Sync Cable  
3. AC Adapter  
4. Stereo Headset  
5. Pouch  
Type in Your Name  
and Account display  
name. Tap Next.  
Type in the User name  
and Password for the  
e-mail account. Tap  
Select the frequency  
to send and receive  
e-mail. Tap Finish.  
after taking it) on the Review screen. Press  
User Manual to learn more about the Camera.  
to send the photo via MMS or e-mail. Refer to the  
Press the CAMERA button  
Tap Start > Settings > Personal tab > Phone and select Require PIN when phone is used.  
Tap to choose  
the resolution  
and other  
all the way. The screen  
orientation automatically  
switches to landscape  
mode when you use the  
7 7  
B. To enable device lock  
Enabling the device lock requires you to enter a password to unlock the device after it has  
been left idle for a set period of time.  
You can synchronize your device with your company’s Microsoft Exchange server so you get your  
company e-mails on your device.  
6. Battery  
Read Me First  
7. User Manual,  
Read Me First  
Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Lock.  
Refer to the user manual to learn how to get your company e-mails on your device.  
8. Getting Started Disc  
9. Application Disc  
10. Screen Protector  
11. Extra Stylus  
Select the Prompt if device unused for check box and enter the time you want.  
Select the Password type.  
Enter and confirm the password, then tap OK.  
C. To enable key lock  
Enabling key lock helps prevent accidental key presses when the device is in your pocket or  
Tap to change  
camera settings.  
Press ENTER to take the shot.  
Lock the keys by tapping the Launcher tab (  
To unlock, tap Unlock.  
) on HTC Home and then tapping  
The camera comes with an auto-focus function to let you capture sharp and crisp photos and  
videos of your subjects. Depending on the option you have chosen in Shoot Option, you will  
need to press the CAMERA button either half-way or all the way to take a photo.  
You can also protect the device and personal data with the fingerprint recognition software pre-  
installed on your device. Refer to the User Manual for more information about its use.  
90H00xxx-xxM Rev.A  

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