Manuel d'utilisation GE 49-8319

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Oven Light  
Use the switch on the control panel to turn the light on and off.  
Oven Moisture  
As your oven heats up, the temperature change of the air in the oven may  
cause water droplets to form on the door glass. These droplets are harmless  
and will evaporate as the oven continues to heat up.  
Oven Thermostat Adjustment  
The temperature control in your new oven has been  
carefully adjusted to provide accurate temperatures.  
However, if this oven has replaced one you have used  
for several years, you may notice a difference in the  
degree of browning or the length of time required  
when using your favorite recipes because oven  
temperature controls have a tendency to “drift” over a  
only the  
period of years.  
Note position of  
pointer to marks  
Before attempting to have the temperature of your  
new oven changed, be sure you have followed the  
baking time and temperature of the recipe carefully.  
Then, after you have used the oven a few times and  
you feel the oven is too hot or too cool, there is a  
simple adjustment you can make yourself on the  
OVEN TEMP knob.  
We suggest that you make the adjustment one mark  
from the original setting and check oven performance  
before making any additional adjustments.  
After the adjustment is made press skirt and knob  
together and retighten screws so they are snug, but be  
careful not to overtighten.  
and check performance.  
knob on range  
Pull the knob off the shaft and look at the back side.  
There is a disc in the center of the knob skirt with a  
series of marks opposite a pointer.  
NOTE: After an adjustment has been made to the  
OVEN TEMP knob, OFF and BROIL will not lineup  
with the indicator mark on the control panel as they  
previously did. This condition is normal and will not  
create a problem.  
Note to which mark the pointer is pointing. To make  
an adjustment, carefully loosen (approximately one  
turn), but do not completely remove the two screws  
that hold the skirt to the knob. Hold the knob blade in  
one hand and the outer skirt in the other hand.  
To raise the oven temperature, move the pointer in the  
direction of the arrow for RAISE. To lower the  
temperature, move the pointer in the direction of the  
arrow for LOWER. Each mark will change the oven  
temperature approximately  

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