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In-Wall Speaker  
IW500b Technical Information for System Engineers  
Key Features  
BroadBeam® waveguide technology deliv-  
ers a consistent dispersion pattern up to  
10 kHz for maximum coverage area per  
speaker (EASE™ documented).  
One 133 mm (5.25 in) polypropylene  
woofer and one 25 mm (1 in) convex alu-  
minum tweeter with FerroFluid cooling  
mounted to an M5 Motorboard.  
106.5 dB Max. SPL offers high output capa-  
Specifications: IW500b  
bilities and reduced amplification costs.  
System Type  
5.25" Coax, in wall, sealed (32 Watt transformer for  
5/70.7/100 Volt or 8 Ohm direct)  
8 ohm  
87.5 dB  
87.5 dB  
140 Hz - 22 kHz  
69 Hz - 22 kHz  
106.5 dB  
• Rapid installation blind-mount system for  
quick and secure installation.  
Impedance (nominal) 1  
Sensitivity dB @ 2.83V/1M  
Sensitivity dB @ 1W/1M  
Easy-access 6-position tap switch for 25,  
70.7 & 100 Volt applications with voice  
coil/8 Ohm direct simplifies ordering &  
inventory tracking.  
Frequency Response (- 3 dB) 3  
Frequency Response (-10 dB) 3  
Max. Program Power 4  
• Integrated UL-listed steel enclosure with  
conduit connections.  
Max. Continuous Power RMS 5  
Max. Power SPL @ 1 M 6  
Included accessories: Mounting hardware,  
paint mask, hole template and conduit  
Coverage Angle (-6 dB @ 2 kHz)  
Coverage Angle (-6 dB @ 10 kHz) 70º horizontal / 85º vertical  
Coverage Angle (Avg. from 2 to 10 kHz) 115º horizontal / 115º vertical  
90º horizontal / 100º vertical  
Directivity Factor (Q)  
Directivity Index (DI) dB  
Tap Selector  
Transducer - Low Frequency Driver 1 x 133 mm (5.25 in) Polypropylene cone, butyl rubber surround  
Transducer - High Frequency Driver 25mm (1in) Convex aluminum tweeter with waveguide  
4.9 (Avg. 100 Hz - 10 kHz) / 8.3 ( 2 kHz)  
6.0dB (Avg. 100 Hz - 10kHz) /9.2dB (2 kHz)  
6-Position rotary switch with 8 ohm direct  
• Optional accessory: Pre-construction  
bracket (AC-IW5-PCB).  
High-quality white paint finish. Custom  
paint colors optional.  
Low Frequency Voice Coil  
Crossover Frequency  
Network Type: Low Pass  
Network Type: High Pass  
25.4 mm / 1.00 in  
3.0 kHz  
12 dB per octave, 2nd order  
12 dB per octave, 2nd order  
Cast aluminum  
Iridite-plated steel with powder-coat finish  
Wire leads  
White (only), Paintable  
11.84 in / 300.7 mm  
8.64 in / 219.5 mm  
3.90 in / 99.1 mm  
The IW500b is a 5.25” coax in-wall loud-  
speaker that delivers effective low-end  
response (69 Hz, -10 dB) and optimal off-  
axis performance (up to 10 kHz, EASE™  
documented). SoundTube’s proprietary  
BroadBeam® waveguide tweeter system  
delivers consistent high-performance  
audio across the operating bandwidth.  
The IW500b speaker design incorporates  
a low-profile grille and 6-position tap  
switch with an 8 Ohm bypass. Mounting  
hardware is included and features a fast  
and secure optimally engineered constant-  
tension mounting system and an inte-  
grated backcan for maximum efficiency  
and applications where UL approval is  
required. A pre-construction bracket is  
offered as an optional accessory.  
Shipping Weight  
Included Accessories  
8.9 lb / 4.0 kg  
11.0 lb / 5.0 kg  
1 UL listed 1/2" conduit connector, 2 wire nuts, paint  
mask, hole template  
Preconstruction bracket (AC-IW-PCB)  
1 per box  
Backcan listed to UL1480  
Optional Accessories  
Regulatory - UL  
Regulatory - CE  
Impedance listed per IEC 60268-5 with  
a minimum less than 80% the nominal  
70.7 V Output  
100 V Output  
25 V Output  
5 w 94.5 dB  
1w1m sensitivity determined using  
nominal impedance  
33 w 102.5 dB 33 w 102.5 dB  
3 Frequency response measured in half  
or full space as dictated by speaker  
mounting configuration  
17 w  
100.0 dB 17 w 100.0 dB 2.5 w 91.5 dB  
97.0 dB 9 w 97.0 dB 1.3 w 88.5 dB  
95.5 dB 6 w 95.5 dB 0.63 w 85.5 dB  
92.5 dB  
Max program power is 3 dB above max  
continuous power  
3 w  
Designed for in-wall applications, the  
IW500b is ideal for music and messaging  
in boardroom, church, corporate A/V and  
education applications. For additional  
bass response down to 41 Hz (-10 dB), the  
CM1001d subwoofer may be used.  
Continuous power rating, EIA-426-B test  
Max output based on max continuous power  
Max useable SPL based on testing  
by NWAA Labs  
2008 SoundTube Entertainment. All rights reserved. PN-TS-CMEZ REV 11.04.08  

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