User manual Velodyne Acoustics Velodyne DLS-R Series DLS-4000R

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You should set the crossover frequency to obtain a smooth and  
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Direct (  
xtrêmesgraavses1d00ir-e1c2t0 Hz) than you would with larger speakers which have  
greater low frequency output. With larger speakers, you might start  
80 Hz, par exweimthptlheis control set lower, such as 80 Hz.  
ortie basse fSuqbuewnocoefseurDriiereucret. Avec les gros haut-  
àcellequevoSuusbawuorioefzearvDeicredcetsishaaust-epttainrlgeuornspthlueslgorwo-spass crossover knob and  
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aut-parleurs principaux de votre système. Si vos haut-  
douceur et sans interruption du caisson d’extrêmes  
Speaker Level Output/Line Level Output  
When connected in this fashion, your satellite speakers will be  
crossed over at 80 Hz. This removes the lower bass from your  
satellites, enabling them to do a better job reproducing high  
e au-dessus de la fréquence que vous choisissez sur la  
frequencies and giving your receiver’s amp more headroom (up to  
u caisson d’extrêmes graves commenceront la  
0% more power).  
e du caisson d’extrêmes graves de 40 à 120 Hz. La  
fvouspermeYtdoeurmégaleyralalsliomciteonsnuepcétrieyuoruerdsealtaerlléitpeosndseirectly to your receiver or  
amplifier along with the subwoofer if you wish to bypass this  
e droite ensemble et le signal résultant est transmis par  
sembles d’entrée donnent la somme des canaux de  
passe-bas Caution!!!  
To avoid damage to your main amplifier, be sure to maintain correct  
UT » simultanpéomlaernitty. when making all connections. Red (positive) to red, and  
s les connexibolnasckR(CneAg/Pathivoen)oto«bINlaPckU.TB»e«suSrPeEthAaKtEalRl connections are tight, and  
that there are no loose strands or frayed wires.  
utilisez ces entrées à cause de leur haute impédance.  
Power Switch  
r ne détectera aucun effet de charge supplémentaire  
amplificateur intégré ou du récepteur. Votre section  
This rocker style switch is the main on/off for the unit. This switch  
LEUR) se connectent directement aux sorties haut-  
should be set to position 1 for on (up), 0 for off (down).  
A Word About Your Receiver’s Crossover and the  
DLS-R Crossover  
Your Velodyne DLS-R subwoofer is designed to operate using the  
full range audio signal for input when using the built-in crossover  
on Détai(llée  
controlled by the dial on the back panel). Many home theater  
processors/receivers (Dolby Digital , DTS ,THX ) have a“subwoofer  
continued. . .  

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