Manual de instrucciones Philips Computer Monitor 192EL2

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There are 3 modes to be selected: Standard,  
Internet, and Game.  
3.2 SmartContrast  
What is it?  
Unique technology that dynamically analyzes  
displayed content and automatically optimizes  
a LCD monitor's contrast ratio for maximum  
visual clarity and viewing enjoyment, stepping up  
backlighting for clearer, crisper and brighter images  
or dimming backlighting for clear display of images  
on dark backgrounds.  
Standard: Enhances text and dampens  
brightness to increase readability and reduce  
eye strain.This mode significantly enhances  
readability and productivity when you're  
working with spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned  
articles or other general office applications.  
Internet:This profile combines color  
saturation, dynamic contrast and sharpness  
enhancement to display photos and other  
images with outstanding clarity in vibrant  
colors - all without artifacts and faded colors.  
Game: Turn on over drive circuit for best  
response time, reduce jaggy edges for fast  
moving objects on screen, enhance contrast  
ratio for bright and dark scheme, this profile  
delivers the best gaming experience for  
Why do I need it?  
You want the very best visual clarity and viewing  
comfort for every type of content. SmartContrast  
dynamically controls contrast and adjusts  
backlighting for clear, crisp, bright gaming and  
video images or displays clear, readable text for  
office work. By reducing your monitor's power  
consumption, you save on energy costs and  
extend the lifetime of your monitor.  
How does it work?  
When you activate SmartContrast, it will analyse  
the content you are displaying in real time to  
adjust colors and control backlight intensity.This  
function will dynamically enhance contrast for a  
great entertainment experience when viewing  
videos or playing games.  

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