Manual de instrucciones Philips Computer Monitor 192EL2

Si has encontrado esta página, seguramente tienes un problema y necesitas el manual de instrucciones para el dispositivo Philips Computer Monitor 192EL2. Recuerda comprobar si es el manual exacto para el dispositivo que buscas. En nuestra base Philips Computer Monitor 192EL2 pertenece a la categoría Pantalla. El manual Philips Computer Monitor 192EL2 es del fabricante, la empresa Philips - es un documento oficial y si tienes alguna duda acerca de su contenido, contacta directamente con el fabricante del dispositivo Philips Computer Monitor 192EL2. El manual Philips Computer Monitor 192EL2 se puede ver directamente online o guardar y almacenar en tu ordenador.

IMPORTANT:Always activate a moving screen 1.2 Notational Descriptions  
saver program when you leave your monitor  
unattended.Always activate a periodic screen  
refresh application if your monitor will display  
unchanging static content. Uninterrupted  
display of still or static images over an  
extended period may cause “burn in”, also  
known as “after-imaging” or “ghost imaging”,  
on your screen. "Burn-in", "after-imaging", or  
The following subsections describe notational  
conventions used in this document.  
Notes, Cautions and Warnings  
Throughout this guide, blocks of text may be  
accompanied by an icon and printed in bold or  
italic type.These blocks contain notes, cautions or  
warnings.They are used as follows:  
ghost imaging" is a well-known phenomenon  
in LCD panel technology. In most cases,  
the “burned in” or “after-imaging” or “ghost  
This icon indicates important information and tips  
imaging” will disappear gradually over a period that help you make better use of your computer  
of time after the power has been switched off. system.  
Severe” burn-in” or “after-image” or “ghost image” This icon indicates information that tells you how  
symptoms will not disappear and cannot be  
repaired.The damage mentioned above is not  
covered under your warranty.  
to avoid either potential damage to hardware or  
loss of data.  
This icon indicates the potential for bodily harm  
and tells you how to avoid the problem.  
Some warnings may appear in alternate formats  
and may not be accompanied by an icon. In such  
cases, the specific presentation of the warning is  
mandated by the relevant regulatory authority.  
The casing cover should be opened only by  
qualified service personnel.  
If there is any need for any document for  
repair or integration, please contact with  
your local service center. (please refer to the  
chapter of "Consumer Information Center")  
For transportation information, please refer to  
Technical Specifications".  
Do not leave your monitor in a car/trunk  
under direct sun light.  
Consult a service technician if the monitor does  
not operate normally, or you are not sure what  
procedure to take when the operating instructions  
given in this manual have been followed.  

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