Manual de instrucciones Sony 46NX72X

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TV Wireless System -  
Regulation Information  
Viewing the TV  
For Customers in Italy  
Some people may experience discomfort  
(such as eye strain, fatigue, or nausea)  
while watching 3D video images or  
playing stereoscopic 3D games. Sony  
recommends that all viewers take regular  
breaks while watching 3D video images  
or playing stereoscopic 3D games. The  
length and frequency of necessary  
breaks will vary from person to person.  
You must decide what works best. If you  
experience any discomfort, you should  
stop watching the 3D video images or  
playing stereoscopic 3D games until the  
discomfort ends; consult a doctor if you  
believe necessary. You should also  
review (i) the instruction manual of any  
other device or media used with this  
television and (ii) our website (http:// for  
the latest information. The vision of  
young children (especially those under  
six years old) is still under development.  
Consult your doctor (such as a  
s with respect to private use, by the  
Legislative Decree of 1.8.2003,  
no. 259 (“Code of Electronic  
Communications”). In particular  
Article 104 indicates when the prior  
obtainment of a general authorization is  
required and Art. 105 indicates when  
free use is permitted;  
s with respect to the supply to the public  
of the RLAN access to telecom  
networks and services (e.g. TV  
wireless system), by the Ministerial  
Decree 28.5.2003, as amended, and  
Art. 25 (general authorization for  
electronic communications networks  
and services) of the Code of electronic  
For Customers in Norway  
Use of this radio equipment is not allowed  
in the geographical area within a radius of  
0 km from the centre of Ny-Ålesund,  
pediatrician or eye doctor) before  
allowing young children to watch 3D  
video images or play stereoscopic 3D  
games. Adults should supervise young  
children to ensure they follow the  
For Customers in Cyprus  
The end user must register the RLAN (or  
WAS or WiFi) devices in the Department  
of Electronic Communications (P.I. 365/  
recommendations listed above.  
Do not use, store, or leave the 3D  
Glasses or the battery near fire, or in  
places with a high temperature, e.g., in  
direct sunlight, or in sun-heated cars.  
When using the simulated 3D function,  
please note that the displayed image is  
modified from the original due to the  
conversion done by this television.  
View the TV in moderate light, as  
viewing the TV in poor light or during  
long period of time, strains your eyes.  
008 and P.I. 267/2007).  
P.I. 365/2008 is the Radiocommunications  
Categories of Stations Subject to General  
Authorization and Registration) Order of  
Notice for Wireless  
. Hereby, Sony, declares that this unit is  
P.I. 267/2007 is the General Authorization  
for the use of Radiofrequencies by Radio  
Local area Networks and by Wireless  
Access Systems, including Radio Local  
Area Networks (WAS/RLAN).  
in compliance with the essential  
requirements and other relevant provisions  
of Directive 1999/5/EC.  
When using headphones, adjust the  
volume so as to avoid excessive levels,  
as hearing damage may result.  
To obtain the declaration of conformity  
DoC) for R&TTE Directive, please access  
the following URL address.  
For Customers in France  
LCD Screen  
The WLAN (WiFi) feature of this LCD  
Digital Colour TV shall exclusively be  
used inside buildings. Any use of the  
WLAN (WiFi) feature of this LCD Digital  
Colour TV outside of the buildings is  
prohibited on the French territory. Please  
make sure that the WLAN (WiFi) feature  
of this LCD Digital Colour TV is disabled  
before any use outside of the buildings.  
Although the LCD screen is made with  
high-precision technology and 99.99%  
or more of the pixels are effective, black  
dots may appear or bright points of light  
(red, blue, or green) may appear  
. Notice for customers: the following  
information is only applicable to  
equipment sold in countries applying EU  
constantly on the LCD screen. This is a  
structural property of the LCD screen  
and is not a malfunction.  
Do not push or scratch the front filter, or  
place objects on top of this TV set. The  
image may be uneven or the LCD screen  
may be damaged.  
If this TV set is used in a cold place, a  
smear may occur in the picture or the  
picture may become dark. This does not  
indicate a failure. These phenomena  
disappear as the temperature rises.  
TV wireless system may be operated in  
following countries:  
(ART Decision 2002-1009 as amended by  
ART Decision 03-908, relating to radio-  
frequencies use restrictions).  
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech  
Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,  
France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,  
Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia,  
Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,  
Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland,  
Portugal, Slovak Republic, Romania,  
Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,  
Turkey, and The United Kingdom.  
Location of the  
identification label  
Labels for Model No., Production Date  
Ghosting may occur when still pictures  
are displayed continuously. It may  
disappear after a few moments.  
The screen and cabinet get warm when  
this TV set is in use. This is not a  
(month/year) and Power Supply rating (in  
This equipment can be operated in other  
non-European countries.  
accordance with applicable safety  
regulation) are located on the rear of the  
TV or package.  

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