Manual de instrucciones Sony MD Walkman MZ-E35

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zVa rio u s w a ys o f  
p la yb a ck  
To lo ck t h e co n t ro ls  
zPo w e r so u rce s  
zAd d it io n a l in fo rm a t io n  
No t e s o n t h e b a t t e rie s  
No sound comes through the  
• The headphones plug is not firmly  
To prevent the buttons from being  
accidentally operated when you carry the  
player, use this function.  
Incorrect battery usage may lead to leakage of  
battery fluid or bursting batteries. To prevent  
such accidents, observe the following  
You can use the player on a dry battery,  
house current, or a Ni-MH rechargeable  
Pre ca u t io n s  
Connect the headphones plug firmly  
to the remote control. Then connect  
the remote control plug firmly to the  
2/ REMOTE jack.  
• Volume is too low.  
Pla yin g t ra cks re p e a t e d ly  
On sa fe t y  
Install the + and – poles of the batteries  
Hold cover  
Do not put any foreign objects in the DC  
Usin g o n a d ry b a t t e ry  
IN 1.5 V jack.  
Do not try to recharge the batteries.  
When the player is not to be used for a long  
time, be sure to remove the batteries.  
If a battery leak should develop, carefully  
and thoroughly wipe away battery fluid  
from the battery compartment before  
inserting new ones.  
You can play tracks repeatedly in three ways-  
-all repeat, single repeat, and shuffle repeat.  
Insert one size AA (LR6) alkaline battery  
(not supplied) into the supplied battery  
Adjust the volume by pressing  
VOL +/ – .  
On p o w e r so u rce s  
For use in your house: Use the AC power  
adaptor AC-E15L (not supplied). Do not  
use any other AC power adaptor since it  
may cause the player to malfunction.  
case, and close the lid.  
• AVLS is on.  
Slide AVLS to NORM.  
No t e o n m e ch a n ica l n o ise  
The player gives out mechanical noise while  
operating, which is caused by the power-  
saving system of the player and it is not a  
Sp e cifica t io n s  
Syst e m  
Audio playing system  
Polarity of the plug  
The player is not disconnected from the AC  
power source (mains) as long as it is  
connected to the wall outlet, even if the  
player itself has been turned off.  
If you are not going to use this player for a  
long time, be sure to disconnect the power  
supply (AC power adaptor, dry batteries,  
rechargeable batteries, or car battery cord).  
To remove the AC power adaptor from the  
wall outlet, grasp the adaptor plug itself;  
never pull the cord.  
MiniDisc digital audio system  
Laser diode properties  
Material: GaAlAs  
Wavelength: λ = 790 nm  
Emission duration: continuous  
Laser output: less than 44.6 µW*  
* This output is the value measured at a distance  
of 200 mm from the objective lens surface on  
the optical pick-up block with 7 mm aperture.  
400 rpm to 900 rpm (CLV)  
Error correction  
Advanced Cross Interleave Reed Solomon Code  
Sampling frequency  
44.1 kHz  
If you have any questions or problems  
concerning your player, please consult your  
nearest Sony dealer.  
Slide the Hold cover on the player to cover  
the control buttons.  
On the remote control, slide HOLD in the  
direction of the cto lock the controls.  
Attach the battery case to the player.  
Press PLAY MODE while the player is  
playing an MD.  
Each time you press PLAY MODE, the play  
mode indication changes as follows.  
To e m p h a size b a ss (DIGITAL MEGA  
The DIGITAL MEGA BASS function  
intensifies low frequency sound for richer  
quality audio reproduction.  
Tro u b le sh o o t in g  
Should any problem persist after you have  
made these checks, consult your nearest Sony  
For use in the car: Use the CPA-9 car  
connecting pack and the DCC-E215 car  
battery cord (not supplied).  
The player does not w ork or w orks  
Play mode indication  
On ch a rg in g  
• You tried to play with no disc in the  
player (“No DISC” flashes).  
Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC)  
Modulation system  
EFM (Eight to Fourteen Modulation)  
Number of channels  
2 stereo channels  
1 monaural channel  
Frequency response  
20 to 20,000 Hz ± 3 dB  
Wow and Flutter  
All the tracks are played once.  
none) (normal play)  
Turn to LOCK side.  
To release the battery  
case, turn to RELEASE.  
Be sure to use the supplied battery charger.  
Charging time may vary depending on the  
battery condition.  
Insert an MD.  
• The remote control is locked.  
f” (all repeat)  
When you use the battery for the first time  
or after a long period of disuse, the battery  
life may be shorter. In this case, charge and  
discharge the battery several times. The  
battery life will be restored.  
If the rechargeable battery capacity  
becomes half the normal life, replace it  
with a new one.  
Slide HOLD against the arrow to  
unlock the remote control.  
All the tracks are played  
When to replace or charge the batteries  
You can check the battery condition with the  
battery indication displayed while using the  
• Moisture has condensed inside the  
f1” (single repeat)  
Take the MD out and leave the  
player in a warm place for several  
hours until the moisture evaporates.  
A single track is played  
Below measurable limit  
Headphones: stereo mini-jack, maximum output  
level 5 mW + 5 mW, load impedance 16 ohm  
Choose 1 (slight effect) or 2 (strong effect).  
To cancel the effect, set DIGITAL MEGA  
BASS to 0.  
Used batteries  
• The rechargeable battery or dry battery  
is weak (n“LoBATT” flashes).  
fSHUF” (shuffle repeat)  
All the tracks are played  
repeatedly in random order.  
Weak batteries. Replace all the batteries  
On h e a t b u ild -u p  
Replace the dry battery or recharge  
the battery.  
Heat may build up in the player if it is  
used for an extended period of time. In this  
case, leave the player to cool down.  
Ge n e ra l  
Pow er requirements  
Nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery  
NH-9WM (supplied)  
One size AA (LR6) battery (not supplied)  
Sony AC Power Adaptor AC-E15L1) (not  
supplied) connected at the DC IN 1.5 V jack  
Battery operation time  
See “When to replace or charge the batteries”  
If the sound becomes distorted when  
emphasizing bass, turn down the volume.  
• The rechargeable battery or dry battery  
have been installed incorrectly.  
The batteries have gone out.“LoBATT”  
flashes in the display of the remote  
control, and the power goes off.  
Install the battery correctly.  
On in st a lla t io n  
• An MD with no recording on it is  
inserted (“BLANK” flashes).  
To p ro t e ct yo u r h e a rin g (AVLS) F  
The AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter  
System) function keeps down the maximum  
volume to protect your ears.  
Battery life*  
Never use the player where it will be  
subjected to extremes of light, temperature,  
moisture or vibration.  
Tip s o n p la yb a ck  
Insert a recorded MD.  
• The player cannot read the disc (it’s  
scratched or dirty) (“Err” on the player  
or “ERROR” on the remote control  
To kn o w t h e t ra ck n a m e a n d t im e  
Never wrap the player in anything when it  
is being used with the AC power adaptor.  
Heat build-up in the player may cause  
malfunction or injury.  
Press DISPLAY on the remote control while  
the player is playing an MD.  
Approx. 6 hours  
Approx. 82.5 × 19.1 × 80 mm (w/ h/ d)  
4 ×  
32 × 3 1  
/ 4 in.) not including projecting  
Each time you press DISPLAY, the display  
changes as follows.  
battery (NH-9WM (N))  
b Reinsert or replace the disc.  
parts and controls  
Approx. 115 g (4.1 oz.) the player only  
Approx. 155 g (5.5 oz.) incl. a premastered MD  
and a nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery  
Supplied accessories  
Battery Charger (1)  
Rechargeable battery (1)  
Rechargeable battery carrying case (1)  
Headphones with a remote control (1)  
Dry battery case (1)  
Carrying pouch (1)  
Ear pad (2)  
• While operating, the player received a  
mechanical shock, too much static,  
abnormal power voltage caused by  
lightning, etc.  
One size AA (LR6)  
alkaline battery  
Approx. 8 hours  
Approx. 16 hours  
On t h e h e a d p h o n e s  
Road safety  
One size AA (LR6)  
alkaline battery  
and a Ni-MH  
battery (NH-  
Do not use headphones while driving, cycling, or  
operating any motorized vehicle. It may create a  
traffic hazard and is illegal in many areas. It can  
also be potentially dangerous to play your player  
at high volume while walking, especially at  
pedestrian crossings. You should exercise  
extreme caution or discontinue use in potentially  
hazardous situations.  
Restart the operation as follows.  
1 Disconnect all the power sources.  
2 Leave the player for about 30  
3 Connect the power source.  
Elapsed time  
Set AVLS to LIMIT.  
The MD is not played normally.  
• The player is set to the repeat mode  
(“f“ is displayed).  
The battery life may be shorter due to  
operating conditions and the temperature of  
the location.  
The volume is kept at a moderate level, even  
if you try to turn the volume above the  
limited level.  
Preventing hearing damage  
Avoid using headphones at high volume.  
Hearing experts advise against continuous, loud  
and extended play. If you experience a ringing in  
your ears, reduce the volume or discontinue use.  
Press PLAY MODE repeatedly until  
f“ disappears, then start  
Op t io n a l a cce sso rie s  
AC-E15L AC power adaptor  
Nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery  
DCC-E215 Car battery cord  
CPA-9 Car Connecting Pack  
MDR-series Stereo headphones2)  
SRS-A41 Sony Active Speakers  
CK-MD4 MiniDisc Carrying Case  
CK-MD10 MiniDisc Filing Box  
Usin g o n h o u se cu rre n t  
Track number  
An MD is not played from the first track.  
• Disc playing stopped before it came to  
the last track.  
Before using the player, remove the  
rechargeable battery if it is installed.  
Caring for others  
Track name  
Keep the volume at a moderate level. This will  
allow you to hear outside sounds and to be  
considerate of the people around you.  
Attach the supplied battery case to the  
Press =repeatedly or eject and  
reinsert the MD once to go back to  
the beginning of the disc, and restart  
playing after checking the track  
number in the display.  
On t h e Min iDisc ca rt rid g e  
Connect the AC-E15L AC power adaptor  
Do not break open the shutter.  
Do not place the cartridge where it will be  
subject to light, temperature, moisture or  
Track number  
(not supplied) to the DC IN 1.5V jack of  
1) The operative voltage for the AC power  
adaptor varies depending upon the country in  
which it is sold. Therefore, purchase the AC  
power adaptor in the country you intend to  
use it.  
the player.  
Playback sound skips.  
Disc name  
The player is placed where it receives  
continuous vibration.  
Connect the AC power adaptor to a wall  
On cle a n in g  
Put the player on a stable place.  
A very short track may cause sound  
to skip.  
Clean the player casing with a soft cloth slightly  
moistened with water or a mild detergent  
solution. Do not use any type of abrasive pad,  
scouring powder or solvent such as alcohol or  
benzene as it may mar the finish of the casing.  
Wipe the disc cartridge with a dry cloth to  
remove dirt.  
2) Whether you should plug the headphones  
directly to 2/ REMOTE on the main unit or to  
a remote control, use only headphones with  
stereo mini plugs.  
to w all outlet  
Number of the track  
recorded on the MD.  
Sound has a lot of static.  
• Strong magnetism from a television or  
such device is interfering with  
stereo mini plugs  
Disc and track names appear only with MDs that  
have been electronically labeled.  
Dust on the lens may prevent the unit from  
operating properly. Be sure to close the disc  
compartment lid after inserting or ejecting an  
Move the player away from the  
source of strong magnetism.  
Charging the rechargeable battery does  
not start. (in case of the charger w ith a  
The lid of the battery charger is not  
closed properly.  
Your dealer may not handle some of the above  
listed accessories. Please ask the dealer for  
detailed information about the accessories in  
your country.  
to DC IN 1.5 V  
The battery indication ıis displayed while  
using the AC power adaptor.  
Close the lid and slide the switch on  
US and foreign patents licensed from Dolby  
Laboratories Licensing Corporation.  
Design and specifications are subject to change  
without notice.  

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