Manual de instrucciones Whirlpool RF376PXE

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General guidelines  
Rack placement for specific foods:  
Follow this section carefully to get the best  
cooking results.  
Frozen pies, large  
roasts, turkeys, angel  
food cakes  
1st or 2nd rack  
guide from bottom  
Before turning on the oven, place oven racks  
where you need them.  
To move a rack, pull it out to the stop, raise the  
front edge, and lift it out.  
Bundt cakes, most  
quick breads, yeast  
breads, casseroles,  
2nd rack guide  
from bottom  
Be sure the rack(s) is level.  
Use pot holders or oven mitts to protect your  
hands if rack(s) must be moved while the oven  
is hot.  
Cookies, biscuits,  
muffins, cakes,  
nonfrozen pies  
2nd or 3rd rack  
guide from bottom  
When baking/roasting with 1 rack, place the  
rack so the top of the food will be centered in  
the oven.  
NOTE: For information on where to place your  
rack when broiling, see “Broiling guide” later in  
this section.  
When baking/roasting on 2 racks, position racks  
in oven to allow good circulation of air around all  
the food.  
Do not place items on the oven door when it  
is open.  
Using insulated bakeware, ovenproof  
glassware, and dark metal pans  
When baking with insulated cookie sheets  
or baking pans, place them in the bottom  
third of the oven. You may need to in-  
crease the recommended baking times,  
so test for doneness before removing from  
the oven.  
When using ovenproof glassware or dark  
bakeware, reduce the oven temperature  
by 25°F but use the same baking time.  
Because these pans absorb heat, produc-  
ing darker bottom browning and crispier  
crusts, place the rack in the center of the  
oven. When baking pies and bread, you  
can use the temperature suggested in  
the recipe.  

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