Manual de instrucciones HP (Hewlett-Packard) SCANJET 2400

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how to use the scanner  
change settings  
You can customize some features of the HP Scanjet scanner, including the front  
panel button settings, previewing of images, and other preferences. If you have  
an HP Scanjet 3970 scanner, you can choose whether scanning takes place  
immediately or waits for the warm-up cycle to complete.  
change settings from the hp director  
When you use the scanner buttons or the HP Director, the scanner uses settings  
optimized for the scanned original type, such as a photograph. The Settings  
menu in the HP Director provides a means of changing all scanning settings. It  
includes button settings, scanning preferences, and other settings that you can  
change. To change settings start the HP Director, and click Settings.  
turn preview image on or off  
You can change whether a preview image appears or does not appear. For more  
information, see the HP Photo & Imaging software help.  
enable instant scanning  
If you have an HP Scanjet 3970 scanner, use the instant scanning feature to set  
the scanner to begin scanning immediately, without waiting for the lamp to warm  
Open the HP Director, click Settings, and click Scan Preferences.  
Click the Quality vs. Speed tab.  
To eliminate the lamp warm-up time and enable instant scanning, select  
the Instant Lamp Warm-up check box.  
To reduce power consumption, clear the Instant Lamp Warm-up check  
select picture or document  
When the software prompts you for an original type, you have two choices:  
Picture or Document. The scanner optimizes settings based on your choice. Use  
the following guidelines to determine the best original type for your needs.  
If your original consists of  
Select this original type  
A printed photograph, graphic, slide, or negatives, Picture  
or objects, such as framed photos, artwork, or fabric  
Note: Avoid placing items with sharp edges in  
the scanner. Doing so can damage the scanner.  
Before placing an item on the scanner glass,  
make sure the item is free of wet glue, correction  
fluid, or other substances that can be  
transferred to the glass.  
Text, both text and graphics, or any text that you  
want to edit later  
To change the original types, see change settings on page 8.  
user’s manual  

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