Manual de instrucciones RCA PRO-LS200

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Shielded 2-Way Center Channel Speaker  
Your RCA PRO-LS200 Shielded 2-Way  
Center Channel Speaker is designed  
Speaker Placement  
around two shielded 3 × 5-inch woofers  
and a1/  
-inch polycarbonate ferrofluid  
Where and how you position speakers  
has a great effect on the overall sound of  
your surround sound system.  
cooled tweeter. The compact two-way  
speaker comes with an easy-to-attach  
stand, so you can place it directly on your  
TV’s cabinet top, or directly above or  
below the TV on an entertainment unit  
shelf. The speaker can handle up to 100  
watts RMS/200 watts maximum, and is  
compatible with most Dolby Pro Logic‚  
and Dolby Digital‚ receivers.  
The PRO-LS200 projects sound in the  
direction it is facing. Once you mount the  
speaker, adjust the stand so the speaker  
faces your viewing location. (For  
example, if the speaker is above ear level,  
aim the speaker down to where you plan  
to be sitting, so the sound hits you  
The PRO-LS200 is specifically designed  
for use with the PRO-LS100 Mini Home  
Theater Satellite Speakers as part of a  
complete Home Theater speaker system.  
The LS200 is timbre-matched with the  
satellite speakers for a seamless transition  
when sound moves from speaker to  
speaker. (You can also use the LS200 as a  
front or rear satellite speaker.)  
When the LS100s and the LS200 are used  
with a subwoofer, the result is a dynamic  
sound experience, ranging from 42 Hz to  
20 kHz.  
Place speakers away from heat  
sources such as radiators, stoves, or  
other appliances.  
Note: You need speaker wire (not  
supplied) to connect your speaker (see  
Receiver” on Page 2).  
Connecting the Speaker to an Amplifier/  
To prevent the cabinets from warping  
or discoloring, do not place speakers  
where they are exposed to direct  
sunlight or excessive humidity.  
2002 RadioShack Corporation.  
All Rights Reserved.  

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