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Datasheet | Switches  
Layer 3 Modular Switch  
Detection,Access Control Lists, Port Security,  
Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Socket Layer  
(SSL).With 4096VLANs available, which are  
Port, Protocol, Subnet, and MAC Address based,  
security acrossVLANs is assured.The security  
features (MAC & IP addresses, SYN,ACK bit  
level) are in the hardware.  
Key Features  
line card capacity  
Up to 96 Gb ports  
Chassis based aggregation Layer 3 switch  
Wide variety of line cards including high  
density gigabit and 10 gigabit options  
line card capacity  
Capable of non-blocking wire-speed Layer 2  
and 3 switching  
Full multiprotocol routing capabilities  
Up to 192 Gb ports  
Designed to meet the most demanding  
performance requirements of enterprise class  
networks, the SwitchBlade 4000 Series Layer 3  
modular switches are ideally suited to network  
aggregation and server connectivity. Packaged  
in four or eight slot modular chassis  
configurations, the SwitchBlade 4000 Series  
blends state-of-the-art Layer 3 functionality with  
industry leading value. Redundancy and  
resiliency features including hot-swappable  
Power Supply Units (PSUs), fan trays, line cards  
and redundant controllers ensure high system  
availability.The switching architecture delivers  
wire-speed switching and IP/IPX routing with  
advanced, flexible policy-based quality of service  
and rich multicast support. Multiple user  
interface options provide a set of configuration  
and control features that facilitate effortless  
manageability while allowing maximum flexibility  
and control of the network.  
Minimize the cost of downtime  
Up to 384Gbps of switching capacity yielding  
286Mpps of throughput  
The SwitchBlade hot-swappable switch  
controllers, power supplies, and line cards  
ensure that this core network device keeps  
networks alive 24/7.  
Up to 4096VLANs  
Quality of Service  
Highly programmable QoS with independent  
latency and bandwidth controls based on  
Layer 2, 3, and 4 characteristics  
Two priority schedulers and eight queues  
per port  
With N+1 power supply redundancy downtime  
is completely eliminated. Cooling is assured with  
up to 11 cubic meters / minute of airflow for the  
four fan AT-SB4004, and up to 19 cubic meters /  
minute of airflow for the six fan AT-SB4008.  
Hot-swappable switch controllers provide  
redundancy and,when two switch controllers are  
installed,sharing of load for increased performance.  
High availability provided by two switch  
controllers and three PSUs  
Redundant failover protection when two  
switch controllers are installed  
Sharing of switching load when two switch  
controllers are installed  
Port trunking is provided to assure very reliable  
high-speed connections. Combining multiple  
physical connections in a single logical connection  
provides both greater bandwidth and redundancy .  
Hot swappable to minimize network downtime  
Eliminate network bottlenecks and  
boost network performance  
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)  
provides automatic router backup in  
mission-critical environments.This feature enables  
multiple AT-SB4000 Series switches to share a  
virtual IP address, used as the default LAN  
gateway. Should the master fail, the virtual IP  
address is seamlessly assumed by the other  
switches.This results in a down-time of only  
three seconds. Meanwhile, LAN devices can  
continue to be configured (for example with  
DHCP) with a single default gateway address.  
AT-SB4000 Series offers uncompromised packet  
switching performance, delivering Layer 2 and  
Layer 3 IP/IPX data at wire-speed on all ports  
regardless of packet size.With a switch capacity  
of up to 384 Gbps yielding 286 Mpps of  
throughput, the AT-SB4000 Series seamlessly  
meets the demands of education, government,  
and enterprise networks.  
Comprehensive monitoring of environmental  
and operational conditions, with LED, alarm  
relay, event logging, and SNMP trap capability  
CLI or GUI switch management  
Management tools including – SNMP,HTTP  
Server,HTTP Client,TFTP Client,NTP,SSL,SSH  
Secure your company  
Rapid SpanningTree Protocol (RSTP) prevents  
loops in Layer 2 networks and also provides rapid  
system recovery following a failure in the network.  
The AT-SB4000 Series offers many advanced  
features to ensure company security:Wire-  
speed Filtering, MAC control, Port-Intrusion  
Allied Telesis  

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