Manual de instrucciones GE 49-8319

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For best baking results, follow these suggestions:  
Oven Shelves  
Arrange the oven  
shelf or shelves in  
the desired locations  
while the oven is  
cool. The correct  
shelf position  
depends on the kind  
of food and the  
browning desired.  
As a general rule,  
Type of Food  
Shelf Position  
Angel food cake  
Biscuits or  
B or C  
Cookies or cupcakes  
B or C  
B orC  
Layer cakes  
B or C  
place-most foods in the middle of the oven, on either  
the second or third shelf from the bottom. See the  
chart for suggested shelf positions.  
or pound cakes  
Pies or pie shells  
Frozen pies  
A or B  
B orC  
A (on cookie sheet)  
B or C  
A or B  
Preheat the oven if the recipe calls for it. Preheat  
means bringing the oven up to the specified  
temperature before putting in the food. To preheat, set  
the oven at the correct temperature—selecting a  
higher temperature does not shorten preheat time.  
Preheating is necessary for good results when baking  
cakes, cookies, pastry and breads. For most casseroles  
and roasts, preheating is not necessary. For ovens  
without a preheat indicator light or tone, preheat 10  
minutes. After the oven is preheated place the food  
in the oven as quickly as possible to prevent heat  
from escaping.  
Baking Pans  
Pan Placement  
Use the proper baking pan. The type of finish on the  
pan determines the amount of browning that will occur.  
For even cooking and proper browning, there must be  
enough room for air circulation in the oven. Baking  
results will be better if baking pans are centered as  
much as possible rather than being placed to the front  
or to the back of the oven.  
Dark, rough or dull pans absorb heat resulting in a  
browner, crisper crust. Use this type for pies.  
Shiny, bright and smooth pans reflect heat, resulting  
in a lighter, more delicate browning. Cakes and  
cookies require this type of pan.  
Pans should not touch each other or the walls of the  
oven. Allow 1 to 1 inch space between pans as well  
as from the back of the oven, the door and the sides. If  
you use two shelves, stagger the pans so one is not  
directly above the other.  
Tin and stainless steel may not heat evenly.  
Glass baking dishes also absorb heat. When baking  
in glass baking dishes, lower the temperature by  
5°F. and use the recommended cooking time in the  
recipe. This is not necessary when baking pies  
or casseroles.  

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